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musician oriented mp3 player

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  • musician oriented mp3 player

    My Vs are great for learning tunes using the mix in and all. The folks I play with use email to exchange mp3s of song we want to learn or originals we have been working on. Very cool. Sound quality is not always the best but to learn a tune it is generally fine. The MP3 players are not great though. I am looking for a musician oriented mp3player that would allow you to easily set begin / end markers to loop difficult passages so you can learn to play them. An MP3 slowdown but keep pitch correct application would be nice as well. Also a pitch shift but hold time constant would be great. I dont want to convert to wav. Any suggestions?

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    It doesn't do all that stuff you want it to, but I use a RioHome, which plays all the mp3's on my computer through the phone line. It works great. I have them in two rooms (each can play different music at the same time). I have access to all 23 GB's of music without messing with disks.

    When I want to loop something, I create it that way on my computer first.

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      Not sure if you mean software or hardware players. If you mean software, check out Transcribe! at

      It's a great transcription tool, but I also use it as a souped-up playback tool. It has continuous speed-up and down, looping, pitch shift, and MIDI control so you can stop, start, etc. from your set.

      Pretty cool stuff and reasonably priced.