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Output assigning

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  • Output assigning

    I have a Session set and I want to unleash the sounds for everyone to hear. I want to hook up a PM3 for my own pleasure and I want to be able to send out an identicle signal for the PA and other people's monitors. I am not clear on how to send out identical sounds through different outputs.



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    Get an outboard mixer.



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      I know that I can just do it all from an outboard mixer. I just want to know if there is a way for me to have all of the control over my own monitor and PA levels. We don't have our own soundman and I want to make sure that it is right, or at least I can control it some.


      Session set.


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        There are two easy ways to do it, although I agree with SZ: the best way is with an outboard mixer.
        #1 Run your sends from the TD10 to the main
        board (you have 8 available on the TD10)
        #2 Use the headphone out of the main board
        back to the mixin of your TD10
        #3 Use the headphone out of the TD10 to the
        PM3 (make sure you set the TD10 headphone
        out to Phones Only)
        This will allow you to adjust the volume of your drums and the volume of the band mix in your PM3 (drums in headphone out of TD10 and band in the mixin of the TD10)
        I used this system for a long time and loved it.

        The second way uses step 1 and then just runs from the main board headphone-out directly to your PM3. This will allow you to mix your drum volume relative to the rest of the band, although you'll only hear it through the PM3, which may or may not be up to the task.



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          If you do not use a mixer on the stage and just send the outputs to the PA mixer, do you use a direct box between the TD-10 and the snake going to the mixer? In our setup, the snake is about 200' long, and I believe the outputs of the TD-10 are not balanced. This would mean a direct box for each output if I am thinking correctly.

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            Send a Left/Right pair out or your TD10 to your PM3 left/right input. Then use the outputs of the PM3, here you have a choice, send a left/right pair to the main-mixer or simply one mono cable to the main-mixer. One way or the other, make sure that you always use Direct Boxes when sending these signals more than 20 or so feet. The PM3 is awesome when it comes to flexibility. Don't use the headphone output of the TD10 and then amplify it somemore...its designed to drive Headphones not other inputs; this will work but sounds weird IMHO.
            Hope that helps you.