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How do I trigger the TD-8 From my keyboard?

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  • How do I trigger the TD-8 From my keyboard?

    As I'm sure most of you know, the V Drums manual is a useless fiasco. Can someone please explain to me in simple terms, how to trigger the kits in the TD-8 from my midi keyboard.
    I have everything hooked up properly...but for the life of me, I can't sound out of the module from my keyboard....help please?!!!!!

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    I have only just got my TD-8, but have played with this a bit.

    It is all in the book as previously said, but difficult to translate into actually doing it.

    If you use GM mode, things are really easy - but you can't use the sequencer or patterns.

    Just set up to output on channel 1 from the keyboard (often the default) send the program change (PP) for the GM voice you want e.g. a piano is 1.

    You can then still play the pads as normal.

    I have found that you can send the same messages when patterns are playing, which will change the voice, but usually the system resets the voices at the start of the loop.

    Many of the patterns have 1 track as a melody instrument, which means you should hear your keyboard anyway - it will just have the voice assigned in that pattern and you will be competing with the pre-recorded melody. I have not tried muting that track to see if the melody line stops, but with the voice still mapped.
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      Originally posted by thomloftus:
      As I'm sure most of you know, the V Drums manual is a useless fiasco.

      I think that the TD-10 manual is one of the best manuals I have ever seen. It does a great job of explaining somethings that are very difficult to understand. Take the time to really study and learn what it has to say. It will really be worth you time.


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        The TD8 is only five part multi timberal?
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