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Connecting with the Sound Man!

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  • Connecting with the Sound Man!

    What is the best way to connect to the mixer? My sound man is having a problem adjusting the V-drum volume to equal the vocals. I currently use the master left(mono) out to send the signal to the mixer. Is there a better way. Do I need my own seperate amp to boost the power?

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    There are alot of ways to connect to the mixer. But asuming that you would prefer to keep it simple (connecting the left/mono output to the mixer) this is as simple as it gets. You must however keep in mind that this output jack provides an unbalanced signal. This would be fine for distances no greater than say... 20ft. If connecting to a mixer over 20ft away run your left/mono output to a simple "DI" (Direct Injection) box. This "DI" box electrically balances the audio signal which can be sent over distances of hundreds of feet without picking up noise along the way or losing gain level because of its new impedance. If after providing the sound man with a balanced signal, proper levels from the drum module and of course good solid audio wiring practises, there should be more than enough level for your sound tech. If he is still having problems (asuming that he has a good knowledge of gain structure and properly adjusting the input gain settings on the mixer) than there is the outside chance that your module has a problem at its outputs(not likely but possible). The fact that you have this problem and the sound tech has not made an attempt to properly connect you to the mixer is knowledge enough for me to say that your sound man is new to all of this.
    Hope this helps.

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      Whoops, sorry. I didn't realize you posted the same question in the "suggestions" forum. Anyway, all fairly good information as well. This Website is a great place for picking up tips and maybe helpin someone else out too.

      See Ya.


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        well it helped me - I'm planning to put my acoustics to one side and take up some digital battering instead (partly cos I've moved into an apartment and the neighbours looked shocked/angry/scared when they saw me hauling my kit in). I always thought that DI boxes were something for other people to worry about
        3 weeks and counting...



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          i use my outputs this way. 1 for bass drum, 1 for snare drum, 1 for all toms, and 1 for all cymbals. this way my soundman(lead player with wireless) has more choices on what needs to be adjusted, it could be worse, i used to hog 6 channels with my acoustics.


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            hey, also stay away from those 20 foot cables at your local watering hole that sell for ten bucks. that's like buying a big block 4x4 and *****ing about gas mileage.