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Alesis DM5 & Roland FD-7?

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  • Alesis DM5 & Roland FD-7?

    Hello Everyone,
    I recently won a FD-7 Hi-Hat pedal on Ebay (no manual-no cable) and am trying to set it up with my Alesis DM5. Will these two work together? It seems like the FD-7 is more of a CV pedal whereas the DM5 wants to see a momentary on/off switch. If theres anyone here using this combination sucessfully, Id enjoy hearing how youve got things set up.


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    Anybody have any idea ?


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      I don't know about a DM-5, but I have used a FD-7 pedal with a D-4, and it works just fine. The only adjustments you have to make are in GROUP mode. Assign the closed hi-hat sound to MULTI mode, and the open and pedal sounds to GROUP1 and you're in business.....
      TD-30 / SPD-SX /Alesis Strike Multipad


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        Didn't Drummersdad bring this up in a previous post??????

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          [QUOTE]Originally posted by Steveo the Devo:
          [B]Didn't Drummersdad bring this up in a previous post??????

          Yes I did mention this and that this was one of the reasons I got the used TD-10 for my kid (wish there had been a TD-6 back then!!). Hi hat input on the DM5 is only an on/off type. You might try Mick's suggestion, but don't think you can get any expressiveness out of a DM5 and a CV type pedal. Mesh pads were also quite "late" with my DM5 and the delay was annoying. The sounds themselves were quite good - so it is a shame those two shortcoming couldn't have been rectified by Alesis. Maybe in their next incarnation Howard


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            Alesis DM Pro and FD-7


            I just got the Alesis DM Pro and was having trouble getting the FD-7 pedal to respond well with this module. At times, the high hat will not close and does not respond very well when opening and closing. You mentioned something about adjusting the GROUP mode settings. How do I go about doing this? I am reading the manual and cannot find instructions on adjusting the GROUP mode.

            Please HELP!!!

            DJ DINO
            DJ DINO
            SYNTHOLOGY101 Productions