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    Has anyone purchased molded ear plugs for your in-ear monitors? I have the Sure PSM 400's which come with foam & rubber plugs. The rubber ones work good but tend to work loose. How do you go about getting molded pieces and from who?


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    I have not bought molded ear plugs but i plan on going to an audiologist and getting a set or ER-20 made. They are basically "pads" for your ears. Unlike the cheap foam one they do not roll of high end. They are pretty much flat. I'm pretty sure you can send those to shure or whomever and they will make a in ear mold for you. The thing is the ER-20 cost somewhere around 200$. So you pay but i would say it's worth it.


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      I have molded earbuds from Westone, which are essentially the ER15 or 25 model earplug with built-in earphones. Any audiologist can hook you up with them, but expect to pay at least 50% more than the earplugs alone. I bought mine in 1996 for ca. $250, the ER 25s were around $175 at that time.

      Don't send ER earplugs to Shure, they can't insert earphones, they frankly don't know how, and will send them back unmodified! Spend that extra cash and let Westone make the earbuds for you. It's worth it, and it's less hassle.

      I think Mick Wade recommended Futuresonic as well, Garwood is another option. Talk with an audiologist in your area about them, they'll be able to help.

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