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TD-8 EQ Settings

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  • TD-8 EQ Settings

    Question: What do the 2 eq settings, low 200k or 400k and hi 3k or 6k, in the td-8 mean?

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    Has anyone heard the difference between the two of these eq settings? Because I can't.


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      How much difference you hear depends on the sound you have selected and probably also interacts with other settings applied to the sound, like compression, etc. There are many on the TD-10 which don't seem to be doing anything. I'm sure it's the same for both the 8 and 10. Unfortunately giving examples of noticable differences on my unit won't help you much.

      Try different samples. You should come up with a few where it makes a big difference.
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        if you just switch between the two you will hear no difference, you must add or subtract with your + or - to hear the difference.