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new TD-6 question

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  • new TD-6 question

    1st post...I just purchased a td-6 with a pd-80R and kd120 upgrade...works GREAT for practicing purposes. I'm having trouble however getting the input volume from my CD player to mix correctly with the drum volume (cd is way overpowering). In the td6 man. on pg 53 it says to adjust the volume on the playing device to mix correctly. This doesnít work, Iíve tried 3 different receivers, and even tried running a cdplayer thru another separate receiver...no luck. The individual pads are set to max volume..don't know what else to do. Perhaps it is a the same on a td-8, td-10...any input would be greatly apprec...Thanks for all the reviews and good info..board rocks

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    Dear GrafX,

    The TD-10 has a mix-in volume knob which in conjunction with the phones (drum volume)knob makes it easy to adjust relative volumes.

    Sounds like what you need is a CD player with an adjustable output - not found on all home stereo system CD players. While my home CD player happens to have this feature - because it has a remote control with volume, I use a portable CD player to run to my TD-10 brain. I think virtually all portable players have a volume control which should do the trick - the players headphone out jack goes to the brains mix in.

    BTW, looking at your name, - you're not the new improved experimental Steffi Graf model I've heard so much about, are you?

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      I'll second the portable CD player route. I had tried the home stereo unit to no avail, until I dug out my ancient Sony Discman, which had a volume slider on the side. My problems were gone in a flash.

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        Originally posted by GrafX:
        I'm having trouble however getting the input volume from my CD player to mix correctly with the drum volume (cd is way overpowering).
        If you are not using the headphone out/jack from the CD player and there is one, try it. Or run the CD player out(s) to a receiver with a headphone out/jack, and connect from the receiver headphone out to your TD-6 in. (Or as already suggested, use a portable CD player which will likely ONLY have a headphone level out.)

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          Phillips make a killer portable that is only around $40 with the AC adatpor and car kit included, also it has a 40sec anti skip.

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            I'm surprised that the mix-in is not infinitely adjustable by knob or by software setting. But if it is not, Radio Shack has a cheap $3.50 inline audio attenuator. Not adjustable, but 40db or more....You would need two I guess and then the appropriate stereo combiner dongle for your input jack. Howard
            ps here is a link: http://www.radioshack.com/product.as...5Fid=274%2D300


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              Thanks for all the help! I'll try the port CD 1st---I know I've got one sitting around somewhere.

              gingerbaker: nice take on the name (GrafX) -never thought about that one.