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new TD-6 question

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  • new TD-6 question

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    Dear GrafX,

    The TD-10 has a mix-in volume knob which in conjunction with the phones (drum volume)knob makes it easy to adjust relative volumes.

    Sounds like what you need is a CD player with an adjustable output - not found on all home stereo system CD players. While my home CD player happens to have this feature - because it has a remote control with volume, I use a portable CD player to run to my TD-10 brain. I think virtually all portable players have a volume control which should do the trick - the players headphone out jack goes to the brains mix in.

    BTW, looking at your name, - you're not the new improved experimental Steffi Graf model I've heard so much about, are you?

    Immensely powerful yet with a liquid cat-quick elegance


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      I'll second the portable CD player route. I had tried the home stereo unit to no avail, until I dug out my ancient Sony Discman, which had a volume slider on the side. My problems were gone in a flash.

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        Originally posted by GrafX:
        I'm having trouble however getting the input volume from my CD player to mix correctly with the drum volume (cd is way overpowering).
        If you are not using the headphone out/jack from the CD player and there is one, try it. Or run the CD player out(s) to a receiver with a headphone out/jack, and connect from the receiver headphone out to your TD-6 in. (Or as already suggested, use a portable CD player which will likely ONLY have a headphone level out.)

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          Phillips make a killer portable that is only around $40 with the AC adatpor and car kit included, also it has a 40sec anti skip.

          Ted H.
          Ted H.


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            I'm surprised that the mix-in is not infinitely adjustable by knob or by software setting. But if it is not, Radio Shack has a cheap $3.50 inline audio attenuator. Not adjustable, but 40db or more....You would need two I guess and then the appropriate stereo combiner dongle for your input jack. Howard
            ps here is a link: http://www.radioshack.com/product.as...5Fid=274%2D300


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              Thanks for all the help! I'll try the port CD 1st---I know I've got one sitting around somewhere.

              gingerbaker: nice take on the name (GrafX) -never thought about that one.