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Hi-Hat sound

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  • Hi-Hat sound

    Quick question! I am looking for a rim shot sound that would go well with a song we are writing. The song has a very dark gloomy mood to it and I am playing a slow pattern with closed hi-Hats and rim shots. I have been through the “stock” rim shot sounds and have not found what I want. I suspect I am going to have to take one of the sounds in the TD-10 and alter it a little. Any suggestions?
    V-Pro w/ Roland Cymbals (CY14C,CY15R,CY6), BBE 462, Mackie 1202-VLZ

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    I have a song similar sounding to that where I use the ballad snare rim with the snare strainer set to off with some heavy ambience and tuned it down to about -10. You might try some verb or slapback on it too.