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Td-8 problem...

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  • Td-8 problem...

    i have recently purchased a pintech kit (dual trigger ConcertCast ST pads) and Td-8 module.

    The rim triggers don't work correctly on any imputs except the snare imput, and although say, trigger 11 is struck, and the trigger 11 sound plays, the module shows that a random trigger is hit, except for 1 or two.

    Could this be a crosstalk problem? i am using a gibralter rack that has been stuffed with packing popcorn, but my pads are an inch or less apart.

    How about the rim triggers not working. COuld this be a problem with the pad settings, or the sensitivity?


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    I'm sure you know this, but....with the TD-8 only the snare input (#3) is capable of the real "dual trigger" with the dual trigger pads (the roland pd-120's or the pintech pads)

    Go ahead guys, the victim is fully prepped and you may now pile on at will


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      Inputs 1/2 and 11/12 are also dual piezo, so can trigger a rim sound from one of your pads (I use 11/12 with a low tom as the head sound (11) and usually a splash or china on the rim (12). These inputs cannot perform the 'sound-blending' required for positional sensing (as far as I am aware), but the Pintech pads are useless for that anyway (not that I'd really make much use of it if they weren't).

      It's entirely possible to use 'wrong' inputs for particular drums (so you could swap your kick with another tom to allow that one to have a rim sound too.

      Hope that helps


      TD-8, Pintech pads, Pearl rack, PM-3, Behringer 802 mixer and DSP1400 UltraMizer
      TD-8, Pintech pads, Pearl rack, Mackie SRM-450, Behringer 802 mixer and DSP1400 UltraMizer, Electric Sticks.


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        By the way, make your threshold settings at least 1 for the affected pads, perhaps even 2, to help that problem. Add a bit of crosstalk cancelling and..... voila!

        Oh, also, please don't post the same question on several different topics. Most people read all the topics so your post will be seen wherever you place it.

        Oh, and use 'search' (button at top right of page) and RTFM etc. etc. (This should protect you from further flames)

        TD-8, Pintech pads, Pearl rack, Mackie SRM-450, Behringer 802 mixer and DSP1400 UltraMizer, Electric Sticks.


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          Originally posted by feefer:
          Hi all,

          I didn't respond to that one cuz' something struck me as rather suspicious, i.e. I suspect Blind is one of those fictional characters that frequently magically appear at V-Drums.com (like Hiroshi, the 'bad ass' punk, and assorted other moles).

          What are the odds that someone would go to the lengths of stuffing popcorn in their rack without knowing how to adjust the module to control it?

          Maybe I'm just too paranoid....