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TD 8 in Europe?

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  • TD 8 in Europe?

    I am moving soon to Itlay from the US. I've read about how the TD 10 can detect automatically the voltage being used. Anyone know if this holds true for the TD 8? Otherwise, will I have to get a power transformer?

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    I'm currently in Australia and have the following power supply for the TD8:

    Roland ACB-240
    Input: 240V~50Hz 23VA
    Output: 9V===1200mA

    In a few months I'm moving to the UK (soon to be UK DrumR!) and think that this supply might be okay there.

    Can any of you UK guys post the spec of your TD8 power supply?
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      UK power supply is ACB-230E - can you spot a theme?

      Input: 230V ~ 50Hz, 23VA
      Output: 9V===1200mA

      Yours should work fine, OZ. I've noticed that the TD-8 must have huge caps in it, sometimes it'll switch on for a second or two without a power supply!! They should smoothe out any discrepancy. After all, we were using 240V here only 5 years ago...


      p.s. I know there are a few engineers out there amongst you. What do you think I should study next year, Civil/Structural or Electrical/Electronic? I can't choose between the two.
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