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SPDS question [sensitivity/threshold]

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  • SPDS question [sensitivity/threshold]

    Hi everybody, I just purchases a used spds and I have a question about the senitivity of the pads. Basically they don't trigger when hit lightly. ie: ghost note type light.

    Is this normal?
    How hard is normal before they trigger?
    If this is not normal can it be fixed and how?

    Other than that Im very happy with it and I'm having a lot of fun with my new toy. Thanks for your help...
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    You can adjust the sensitivity levels.

    I don't have my manual with me... I'm at work. So, I can't tell you exactly right now.

    However, if you don't have the manual, go to and download it. The procedure's in there.
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      though i remember there has been discussion that in general the spds lacks sensitivity and requires a bit of a whacking...many of the reviews I found complained about that, and it was one aspect that disuaded me from buying one in the hope that a new model will be better....
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        Yep, you can adjust sensitivity for all flat pads and all edge pads; but the SPD-S has a fixed threshold (not very low, presumably to avoid crosstalk between adjacent pads), so it's not possible to get internal pads to respond to light touches like ghost notes:

        SPD-S drum pads



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          Thanks everyone, You've answered my questions well. I have the manual and I've been playing around with all the settings and as I thought this is just the way the pads are. I was concerned that the pads may have been worn and not triggering as they should but this is obviously not the case. Other than the lack of sensitivity I'm very happy with the pad and as I said having loads of fun with it. But it opens the door for the dreaded "GAS" as now I need a memory card and sample cd's and the list keeps going.

          Thanks again...
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            Hi M C M,

            I got 512MB cards from Cheap as Chips for $22 each about 6 months ago - I think they are in Canberra but see their website.


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              Originally posted by Hercules View Post
              Hi M C M,

              I got 512MB cards from Cheap as Chips for $22 each about 6 months ago - I think they are in Canberra but see their website.
              Thanks for that Hercules. I just bought 3 512mb cards for $40 on ebay. I went and bought a 2gb one, not knowing that they don't work, but thanks to the great info on this forum I'm learning my way around. I agree with everyone who say's the manual is a piece of garbage. I've worked out most of the features though as they are very intuitive to use...
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