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Running gigasampler live

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  • Running gigasampler live

    Is anyone running gigasampler live with their vdrums? What kind of rig would you need so the thing doesn't crash during the set. Mac or PC? what are your thoughts?

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    Gigasampler may be fantastic but I would never use a computer live. There are always roadies (never groupies )who try to creep between two stands of your drum kit, glasses of beer can fall on the pc, stages can wackle and - last but not least - microsoft's windblows 95/98/mil/xp sucks. Perhaps a Mac is more stable (the old Atari computers were; hence you see them on stage) but the environment of a stage is too rough for me as I described above.


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      Fast G4 Mac, TONS of Ram (we're talking 512 megs minimum for good performance), MIDI interface, UPS, mount the bugger in a shockproof rack and draw NATO strength razor wire around it. That's what it takes to run any software sampler on stage.
      If Gigasampler would run on an Atari, I'd use a computer on stage. But since the Mac is a LOT more stable than a Windblows box, but still a LOT less stable than the good ol' Ataris, it'll be your best bet.

      "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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        Giga is a PC program, not Mac...

        I've heard some success with the IBM Thinkpad and SONY VAIO laptops...these have to be monsters though to handle the RAM requirements, 256MB or more...


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          You're right, the Mac version has only just been announced, I thought it was already out, but what goes for the Mac goes for the PC as well in this regard. For good performance with any software sampler, synth or sequencer for live purposes we're talking fast processor and 512 MB minimum, the more the better.

          "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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            Funily enough, Gigasampler is already available in a rack mounted chassis, the NCS44. Basically a fast-boot PC with integral hard disk and a custom control panel.

            I'd use a PC on stage no problem, I've never had one single crash while using gigasampler, and I have run it concurrently with Cakewalk Sonar and VST with no problems. Besides, it takes all of ten minutes to install a fresh copy of windows, install just Gigasampler, and set up a dual boot if necessary. With a cheap IDE RAID setup, Windows is up in under ten seconds, and samples load in seconds (and you can continue playing while they load).

            As for the equipment vulerability question- hire decent, careful, professional stage crew or do it yourself.


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                But if using Giga Sampler (or any other sampler)with the v-drums aren't you missing out on the location sensitivity that the v-brains offer? I would think that the MIDI output of the v-brains only sends regular note messages. I thought the sounds in the v-brain would be as good as giga sounds. No?


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                  I thought the sounds in the v-brain would be as good as giga sounds. No?
                  It depends on what samples you load into Gigasampler. But if you buy a good sample cd, you get much better sounds than the sounds in the v-brain. (IMHO and a lot of people think the same)
                  A good sampled kit can take up hundreds mb's (which works very well in gigasampler), the vdrums maybe have 8 or 16mb in total for I think about a 1000 sounds. And COSM isn't everything at this time. With samples you can get a lot of colour and dynamics. When you hit something soft, it plays another sample than when you hit it load, because real drums also sound different. The vdrums only use 1 or maybe with some sounds 2 or 3 samples and when you play a soft note, it just plays the sample softer with some effects on it perhaps.
                  A sampler is also very tweakable (pretty hard though) and you can load anything you want.

                  You can get position sensing drums with a sampler when you use a ddrum which sends out different notes for different positions.
                  With the vdrums it's harder, but I don't think it's impossible. I thought the vdrums did send out some cc-midi message when you hit a different location and with gigasampler it's possible to react to cc-messages. But although it's probably possible, it's pretty hard.

                  I do think you can use gigasampler very well in live situations, although it's isn't ideal.

                  If you have 512mb RAM, you can really load a ****load of samples. I have 256mb and I can load 650mb (I haven't tried more). And ram is very cheap at the moment, so adding 512mb isn't that expensive.

                  Anyway, for making recordings and really let your drums sound real, gigasampler is very handy. For just playing and perhaps playing live once in a while, I wouldn't choose gigasampler. (I don't know which module I'd pick... probaby the dtxtreme or the td6 though...)


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                    Thanks @oM !

                    I'd be using the v-drums only for recording. What if I attach the v-pads to my D4, and trigger sounds from either my PC (maybe Giga since I do have it) or the D4 sounds? I realize I'll lose the positional sensing, but from what you're saying (which is making sense to me), is that a good giga set may sound even more realistic.

                    Thanks again!


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                      I upgraded to Gigastudio 96 from Gigasampler and I've started to get to grips with the instrument editor. I think positional sensing should be pretty straightforward to implement. With GigaSampler/Studio you can assign four layers per voice, with programmable crossfades. You should be able to intercept the incoming position cc message and use it to fade between two (or more) sample layers to vary the sound.

                      Personally I think the positional-sensing is of very limited value on the toms, useful on cymbals, and good on snares. I use sonicimplants sampled kits and several of the patches give you different samples for the snare with and without damping, which would probably work very well as center/edge hits.

                      If I get it working I'll let you know.

                      Beachdog: Yes, as long as the D4 triggers from the v-pads correctly then using it as a gigasampler trigger should work well.

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