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ride cymbal bell fix joy

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  • ride cymbal bell fix joy

    I finally performed this mod this weekend, and boy what a difference. it's actually easier to do than I expected. Thanks for all the threads explaining how to do it, and the pictures folks posted. I do auto body work for a living and used a piece of 80 grit sandpaper with adhesive backing for the shim. One shim was all it needed to work. I have been dealing with this problem for seven years, and I'm super happy with a ride bell that triggers properly now. YEAH BOYYYyyyyyy. werd

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    Hi Spishak,

    I'm still indecisive if I should do the fix...

    Does your shim cover all three circular straps (green, brown and green)? why is sandpaper a good choice? I suppose you have the rough surface facing up, right?
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      my shim covers the WHOLE U shaped valley that the bell sensor sits in, and the rough side is up. I used sandpaper because I read somewhere, in those threads, somebody had good results because it's thicker than most paper or plastic, and the adhesive, which in my case, is not very just enough to hold the shim in place while putting the cymbal back together. Should you do this mod? you find yourself having to CLOBBER or hit the bell harder than a real ride to trigger the sound?...then you should do it. Certain aspects of drumming style have to be changed when E drumming, but unnecessarily hard-to-trigger ride bell shouldn't be one of them. If you're still freaked about doing it PM me, and I can give you some VERY helpful tips about doing it and re-assembling the pad. ch ch check it.


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        Just cut a couple of donuts from transparency, start with one, if that doesn't work, you're 5 mins away from trying it with 2. Then you'll be golden.


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          Thanks BlickemBlickem. So roughly the thickness of the shim is about 1-2 pieces of transparency. That's good ballpark to know. I think I'll give it a try this week (when my wife isn't around).
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            I too am thankful to SuperPuss, Michael Render, and all the others on this forum that have contributed to this fix, for their work in solving this problem. Using SuperPuss' guide here, and a template credited to MR here, the project was quick and painless.

            Being that I had no transparency sheets on hand, I decided to give it a go with card stock. It took two of the shims to get it just right (three was too many and choked out the cymbal every time). Didn't use any adhesive as the shims fit nicely in the slot. 5-10 minutes later...project done. It really is simple and quick.
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