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Connecting "Three-Zone" Ride to TD-9?

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  • Connecting "Three-Zone" Ride to TD-9?

    Hi folks,

    I'm in the market for a Smartrigger "three-zone" (bell/bow/edge) ride cymbal, and I'm wondering how / what I'll need to connect it.

    I'm using the standard CY-8 as a ride, and when hooking it up, there were two stereo connectors. The documentation (can't seem to find where it was now) said just leave the second connector free (unconnected). Is this the cable I would use, in addition to the one I've got connected to my CY-8 now? In other words, I'd have the two jacks from the harness connected to the "three-zone" ride?

    I think this is how I would do it, but in looking at the Smartrigger manual (downloaded) about connecting their three-zone ride to the TD-9, it says the following:


    Notes for using the Smartrigger CY-16RC3 Triple Zone Crash/Ride Cymbal:

    - Connect the cable marked RIDE to the cymbal’s bow trigger jack (left jack looking at the bottom).
    - Connect a separate stereo cable (not one in the cable harness) from the bell trigger jack to the AUX input on the side of your TD-9 module.

    IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you have the two inputs set to trigger the appropriate sounds for each kit:

    o Ride Input HEAD = Ride Bow Sound
    o Ride Input RIM = Ride Edge Sound
    o AUX Input HEAD = Ride Bell Sound
    o AUX Input RIM = Ride Edge Sound (Same as Ride RIM input)


    This is confusing to me....

    Can someone clarify things? I'd rather not have to take up the AUX or crash inputs just yet.


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    The difference is that the Ride Bell cable in the TD-9 harness is designed for Roland piezo/rim-switch cymbals, so it works in conjunction with the Ride input and on the TD-9 module that can't be changed by any module setting. So I believe that RDB cable can ONLY be used for the bow/bell output of a Roland three zone cymbal.

    For the Smartrigger dual-piezo (plus rim-switch) triple zone cymbal, a separate "head" input is needed for the second (bell) piezo which can only be provided on a TD-9 by using the Aux or Crash 2 input.

    If you set the sounds the way they suggest, you would actually be triggering two identical edge sounds with each hit of the edge (using up voice polyphony and possibly causing "phased" sound interference). I think it would be better to set one edge sound to 523 OFF.



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      Thanks, Bruce.

      Don't think I'll go this route. Don't like giving up an input for three-way triggering just yet.

      I appreciate the feedback.