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VH-12 I totally screwed?

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  • VH-12 I totally screwed?

    Something is just not feeling right w/my vh12 hats. I have had them for about 2 years and they have been just fine.....that is until earlier this week. Something about feeling looser. Not sure how to describe it, but when I rock hard with loose hats, the bottom one is moving too much on the stand. It's not the straps - they are tight. I took the felt off the resting part of the hat thinking maybe it was just giving too much, but just moving the bottom cymbal with my hand seems to have too much give in it.

    So basically what happens now is I have a very fine line to where I can rock on the loose hats to where the bottom one will choke out the top one and no chzzzzzzzzzzt sound.

    I think what I'm asking here is: Is the bottom cymbal suppose to be this free to move? AM I just rocking harder this last couple weeks than I have for the last 2 years and just noticing it. I am hoping that the 'piston' type center piece is not suppose to be rigidly connected or I am royally hosed...

    Any ideas?

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    seriously now....44 views and no clues? Maybe I should post a crummy youtube video of me playing Winger


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      my bottom hat moves pretty freely as well. i've never noticed it being an issue.
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        I don't have a VH-12; but from the manual's troubleshooting section, under "Sounds are not triggering properly":

        Is the bottom hi-hat attached correctly?
        After extended use of the hi-hat stand, the standís felt (or rubber) pad on which the bottom cymbal rests becomes compressed, which may cause the bottom hi-hat to become unstable. If this occurs, loosen the clamp bolt and perform Step 7 on p. 7 again.

        Now that just tells you to re-tighten the holder straps, which you said are tight. But perhaps you need a new, thicker felt? Or possibly the straps could be tightened still further by unclamping with a drum key and "...strongly pulling the clamp downward..."?



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          Originally posted by hodsmack4 View Post
          seriously now....44 views and no clues? Maybe I should post a crummy youtube video of me playing Winger
          It would be better than mine so I'd watch it
          The TD-20 is the top of the range and there won't be that many that have them and of those far less with that problem and of that fewer who could have a solution, plus it's the holidays !
          Nothing of importance here