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General MIDI Question.

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  • General MIDI Question.

    I apologise if this has been answered elsewhere but I did do a search
    before posting.

    Eventually I want to hook my TD3 into a MIDI port and play around with
    other kits on things like BFD2 or SD2.0

    I'm just a little confused as the "terminology" seems to differ around the world..

    What I have in my head is that I will be able to do the following:

    Get my TD3.
    Hook a MIDI cable to my TD3' OUT port.
    Hook the other end to my Computers MIDI IN port.
    Fire up a DAW like Cubase, Ableton Live, Sonar Studio etc..
    Open up the VST's like BFD2 or SD2.0
    Map my pads to the Samples of the VST.

    Play away to my hearts content...

    I've seen some "elaborate" set ups on the web which seem to overcomplicate
    I guess once I have the hardware and software and plug it all in it will make
    more sense.

    Is it as basic as I have described? I don't want to do fancy stuff just yet.

    As always, thanks for looking / responding!

    (And man... Aren't DAW's and VST's expensive!!!!! )

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    Yeah, it pretty much is that simple.

    Where it gets complicated is the audio interface and drivers for the VST drums.

    A lot of people try to use the sound card that came with their computer and it has such bad latency that they give up.

    And with something like BFD, you don't even need a DAW, it will work stand alone.


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      As per Mr Render: It's pretty simple to get "working". Getting it optimized and working the way you want can be a challenge from mapping to hi-hat performance to getting low enough latencies with a stable system to be able to pull it off. Devil is in the details.

      Don't want to scare you off, because like I said, getting it up and going is pretty straightforward - getting the nuances is the challenge.

      Also, don't underestimate the value of recording your kit as midi even if you are just going to send that data back out to the module to record it as audio tracks in your DAW. This gives you a lot of flexibility in fixing problems, copying and moving parts around and other editing as well as adding the ability to record seperate audio tracks for each drum instrument instead of being limited to stereo outs. You can simple mute some of the parts, record, say, kick and snare as audio via the stereo outs, mute the kick and snare on the brain, unmute the toms, play the midi back through the brain again and this time you get a stereo pair of toms recorded to two more tracks...rinse and repeat.

      You can even get the best of both worlds: Us ehte td-3 sounds to monitor with, but trigger the SD2 or whatever from your sequencer after the fact to get the final mix. This way latency becomes unimportant. Additionally, you can (in most software) map the midi track to point to different locations, so you could, for example, have the td-3 hihats going and everything else directed to the SD2 module - all from the same midi stream of data.

      I did a video on how to do this in Sonar - I just posted this in another thread a few days ago, but here it is again; maybe it will provide some useful information: (give it time to load).

      Hope that helps. I love midi.
      My Updated Website:


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        Don't forget that EZD/SD2.0 also work stand alone. If you're not interested in recording, going this route is by far the easiest way to get great sounding drums...until your PC crashes.
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          Thanks people!!

          I agree, it seems to be the "tweaking side" that annoys most people.

          Trouble is my middle name is "tinker" so I'll be like a pig in warm mud with MIDI I think!


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            Hey Blades,

            Great Tutorial... Just finished watching it.

            I like the ease of drum mapping you showed in the Tutuorial. I was curious
            how people knew what Ports each note was being sent on. Now I know.
            Once you know all the channels of your kit it would be real easy to assign
            custom sounds to those channels, so that makes sense now.

            Well done and thanks again.


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              Ignore this post - Found some! Was searching under wrong keyword.

              Is there a place where you can download the inbuilt play along songs that come with the higher end TD kits. Or.. a good source of drumless play alongs?

              Last edited by Freddie; 01-16-09, 04:27 AM.