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Missing TD-10 Screws

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  • Missing TD-10 Screws

    I recently moved across the country and have misplaced the 4 TD-10 screws that mount it to the stand.

    Does anyone know the spec's on the screws so I can pick them up at the local hardware store? I checked the doc, but no luck.

    I am hoping they are standard so I don't have to get them through Roland.


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    Originally posted by So Cal Dan:
    I recently moved across the country and have misplaced the 4 TD-10 screws that mount it to the stand.
    They are metric. I am 90% sure they are 6mm. You can get Phillips or Socket Cap Hex head usually at Home Depot or True Value. I used metric flatwashers and lockwashers too. The length of the bolt should probably be no more than 15mm (5/8" inch) depending on the thickness of your bracket. Howard

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      Ha. Didn't even see that you were in Carlsbad (I'm in Poway). The True Value on Carlsbad Village Drive right off the 5 next to the Sushi Restaurant and Supermarket has a great selection. Take your TD-10 in there to verify the bolt size. Nice people. Howard


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        As I remember the screws were thinner than 6 mm (which actually is the size of an acoustic drum's tension bolt) and they are quite long. Since the screws pass the electronics inside the td-10 at a few milimetres and fit exactly in the module I would take no risk and buy original Roland parts.


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          If you order from Roland, they ship very quickly.


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            Mine just thread into 4 threaded locations on the black metal cover plate used for the TDW-1 install. Are you folks saying that the original bolts are long and continue deep in the unit - threading a second time into some sort of standoffs at or below the circuit board? Seems like overkill, but I never saw the original arrangement since my TD-10 was purchased used and I'm also using the UM-1 module mount (TD-10 on a stick ). Howard