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What does TD10 Expanded Mean?

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  • What does TD10 Expanded Mean?

    Hi everyone, my first post as I am looking to buy a vdrum kit.

    I am going to look at a TD10 kit tomorrow and it says it is Expanded.

    Having read some of the details here, do I understand this means it has more kits stored than a non expanded kit and if so, how do you dial up the extra kits to play them?

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    TD-10 exp.

    I'm sure there are other people on this site that can explain more of the differences between the td-10 and td-10exp. better than I can (as I am also a recent TD-10 purchaser/user). Here's my take on it; The expanded td-10 offers more editing ability both on cymbals and drums and sliders on front panel have more individual volume control for various drums/cymbals. Also, I think the kits are different/better on the exp. Additionally, everyone I talked to prior to purchasing my td-10 said make sure you get the exp. module, so I did. I am very happy with it so far and there are some good deals out there to be had. My kit is a custom Yamaha DTXtreme with roland module and hi-hat (you can see pics of it on this forum in pics section). Good luck on your purchase.
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      Indeed you have another 50 kits to play with, although you can only have 50
      loaded up at a time, but these can be any 50 of the 100 available.

      It's very easy to switch between those loaded and those not, although I just
      had to play around while trying to recall how I did it as it's been so long!

      The cymbal sounds are very nice on the TD10 and as mentioned, there are
      better editing options.

      Best of luck.


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        See .

        Beware that there are 2 versions of TDW-1 (thus, 2 versions of expanded TD-10). The early version doesn't have V-Cymbal control. The newer version, unbelievably, is called "TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control".

        If you observe prices of used TD-10 on ebay, you'll notice unexpanded TD-10 worths less than TD-8 while expanded TD-10 worths more than TD-8. This gives you a pretty good indication what other people value the expansion.
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