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td6-sxt System updates?

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  • td6-sxt System updates?

    Checking the Roland site, I found some updates. First how do I check what version I currently have? Secondly, how do I run the updates and get them on the TD-6v brain? What do I need?

    I did a search and didn't come up with anything and I've got the manual sitting next to me but didn't find anything it there either.

    Roland V-Tour Series TD-6KX

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    The latest update 1.02 is nearly four years old.

    Use the following procedure to view the current ROM version in the TD-6:
    1. Power on while holding KIT, CURSOR Left (<), and ENTER. The current version will be displayed next to "PROG:"

    Standard MIDI File Update Procedure:
    Required Equipment:

    1. UPDATE DATA (SMF Files)
    2. Computer
    3. Computer MIDI Interface
    4. Sequencer software (or any software that will play Standard MIDI Files)
    5. MIDI Cable.
    Update Procedure:
    1. Turn off the power to the TD-6.
    2. Turn on the power to the TD-6 while holding [EDIT] and [STOP]. You will see the display light up, but no text will appear. You will also see [EDIT] light.
    3. Continue holding [STOP], release [EDIT], and press [KIT] button. You will see [KIT] light.
    4. Continue to hold [KIT], release [STOP] and press [SONG] button. Once [KIT] and [RECORD] light up, you can release all buttons.
    5. After a short pause, [KIT] and [RECORD] will go out and [PLAY] will light up.
    6. Play the MIDI files from the computer.
    7. As the files play to the TD-6, you will see [PLAY] light, then [PART MUTE], then [REC] several times in succession.
    8. You will see the [PLAY] button flash, indicating that the update has completed successfully.
    9. Turn the TD-6 off.
    Factory Reset Procedure:
    After performing the system update you must reset the TD-6 back to factory settings. Follow these steps to perform the Factory Reset:
    1. Turn the TD-6 on.
    2. You will see “Backup NG! Execute Reset All!”. Press the [ENTER] button twice.

    (readme.pdf in the update download)

    if you need a sequencer to send these files, download the PCSMF Update Application
    (TD-6V Download tab)

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      I just checked my TD-6v and I have 1.03. I bought it new in june 2008, so I guess this is the last version.
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        The next update to my TD-6v is gonna come in the form of a TD-12 or 20 module.