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TD 20 kick triggering ride cymbal

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  • TD 20 kick triggering ride cymbal

    Hello, Just a note that this is a great site for e drum info, but having a problem. When I hit the kick forcefully it is triggering the cy-15 ride. This has gotten progessively worse, now when I hit tom 3 and 4 this also triggers the cymbal. I have tried adjusting cross talk setting with no difference. I made sure that the kick was not touching any part of the rack system thinking
    vibration might be causing this. Am using #24 kit arena. Any other kits are okay. any help would be great. thanks

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Cross-talk is rarely a problem with the TD20, and it's especially odd that this is happening only with one kit. Have you tried a factory reset?
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      No I have not, but am thinking I will need to try that. Won't be able to get to it for a couple days, but will let you know then. Thanks again for your help


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        Welcome Jim,

        As mentioned ... check the crosstalk settings for the ride... if you do not mind posting your trigger settings for the ride.

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          You could try putting the offending triggers in the same crosstalk group.
          Also, you don't say how you're monitoring, but monitor placement could be the culprit. If you're using a monitor, try moving it somewhere else.
          Another thing - what is your kit sitting on? concrete with a rug is probably not an issue, but a wood floor, even with a rug, could transmit vibrations from your kick to your rack. Sometimes a threshold adjustment will fix this.
          Is your kick trigger positioned directly beneath your ride? I've noticed on some kits the ride will be sensitive to kick vibrations regardless of the type of flooring. Moving the ride or kick or adjusting threshold (crosstalk settings aside) can help here too.


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            A wood floor could certainly be a culprit. My TD-20 kit is on a carpet over concrete and I think I could set off a bomb on my kick pedal and not false-trigger any other pad. I do get some false triggers on the ride cymbals from some nearby auxiliary pads but I'm sure that's because these pads are hooked in via MIDI expansion so there's no crosstalk cancellation adjustment.

            If it is the floor, you could look at two things: 1. Add some manner of structural decoupling between the kick pedal and the rack, 2. Try a beaterless kick pedal (that's what I use but not for that reason).


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              I turn on my faucet and the tv goes on hmmmmm. You need to check the crosstalk setting screens on the TD-20.
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                Key info:

                Originally posted by Jim the drummer View Post
                Any other kits are okay
                I don't think this is your standard cross-talk issue. If it was, it would be doing it on all kits, no?
                Id rather be told the ugly truth than handed a pretty lie.