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Note Chase (TD-8)

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  • Note Chase (TD-8)

    I know that this has been discussed before, but just wondered if anyone had found a solution:

    If I trigger (via midi) a note number in the TD8 that is assigned to an unused TD8 input say CR2 . . . I get the note chase thing happening:

    if I send the midi signal to say note #80 (not assigned to a TD8 input) I don't get any note chasing.

    Quite frustrating when editing sounds that I'm triggering via my spd-6.

    Anyone know a war around this?
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    Hey, Oz DrumR:

    I've been beating my head against the wall trying to deal with the same problem. I put out a post fairly recently where I explained that I had used up all the inputs on my TD-8 for drums and had nothing left over for cymbals (I ditched my acoustic cymbals and am going completely electronic top to bottom). My solution to the problem, I explained, was to buy a TD-6 module and devote it exclusively to cymbal sounds. Well, some kind soul (Harlock, I believe) suggested that I use a trigger-to-MIDI converter connected MIDI In to my TD-8 to get the extra inputs and sounds without buying another module. I decided to experiment with this using my Alesis D-4 as the converter....


    I could most certainly trigger V-drum sounds in this manner.


    All the triggering parameters were as per the converter, i.e. the dynamic range sucked. (If anyone knows how to get halfway realistic dynamic control from a D-4, believe me, I'm all ears!).

    There is no functionality on the TD-8 that allows for editing any sounds that are triggered from it by any means other than a pad plugged directly into it. Ironically, the D-4 itself does have this capability--go figure. In fact, had this not been the case, I wouldn't have even known what MIDI note I was triggering.

    So, in closing, it looks like we're both screwed on this particular matter! My TD-6 should be arriving any day now .......

    [This message has been edited by Mick Wade (edited July 03, 2001).]
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