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Midi Assistance, please... [SPD-S to TD-12]

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  • Midi Assistance, please... [SPD-S to TD-12]

    I have a SPD-S that I would like to use as TRIGGERS only. This SPD-S is partially broken as it will no longer read from the CF cards. I have since replaced it with another fully functioning SPD-S, but would like to use this one as a Midi TRIGGER only. I know enough about Midi to know the "Output" goes to the "Input" of the next device! Thats it!!! The SPD-S that is partially broken is completely blank, no sounds stored onboard. So tapping the pads produces NO sounds at all. I want to send the Midi signal out to a TD-12. Is this a matter of setting EACH of the (SPD-S) triggers Midi note to correspond to the sound I want to come from the TD-12 ??

    I hope I have explained this well enough to understand. Basically, I'm taking the SPD-S Midi OUT to the TD-12 Midi IN and I want to hit the SPD-S and have the sounds come from the TD-12 (NO sounds are expected to come from the SPD-S).

    Thank You in advance to any & all who can help!

    TD-12, TD-8, SPD-S, and a whole bunch of various triggers! ALL Roland stuff :)

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    You pretty much have it right. You have to make sure that both channels match, i.e. the SPD-S is sending on channel 10 and the TD-12 is listening on 10. The make sure the SPD-S is sending the note number you want to respond on the TD-12.

    MIDI basically sends the message "On Channel xx Play note xxx at Volume xxx"
    The snare of the TD-12, for example, is note 38 on Channel 10. So if the SPD-S sends out "On Channel 10 Play note 38 at Volume 127", the snare will play as loud as it can.

    Bottom line, match the Channel and the notes and it will work fine.


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      Thank you, Sir!

      I believe with this info, I can resurrect the defunct SPD-S. I'm trying to make a SMALL portable kit I can take out without having to haul the entire kit. I'll have a VH-12, KD-80, TD-12 & SPD-S as a portable set for jamming at a freinds apartment.

      Thank you again for the help!

      TD-12, TD-8, SPD-S, and a whole bunch of various triggers! ALL Roland stuff :)