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Slave TD-8 to Master TD-10

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  • Slave TD-8 to Master TD-10

    I have 2 V-Drum modules; TD8 & TD10 and one set of pads (triggers) connected to my TD10. I want to be able to MIDI trigger my TD8 via my TD10 pads. Ideally, I assign #1 TD10 drum set as TD8, and whenever set #1 is chosen, I will be able to MIDI trigger sets from the TD8.

    Anybody of you MIDI experts know how to do this?

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    On a basic level, it's plug and play; as the MIDI note numbers for most triggers match on both modules. Connect MIDI Out of the TD-10 to MIDI In of the TD-8 and test!

    However; as you probably want to keep phones or amp connected to the TD-10, then you could connect the PHONES output from the TD-8 to MIX IN on the TD-10. But in your "TD-8" kit on the TD-10 you would need to assign sound 600 (or 960) OFF to head and rim of each trigger so that you don't also hear TD-10 sounds for each pad. (There's no easy way to turn off local sounds for all pads in a kit.)

    I suggest that you compare MIDI note numbers for the TD-10 (Page 150, right column) and TD-8 (Page 185, right column) as there are a couple of discrepancies with Aux and Tom 3/4 inputs. To fine-tune the mapping, you can change the MIDI note number for a particular pad in your "TD-8" kit on the TD-10 at INST, CTRL (F4), MIDI (F4).

    I believe that by default, when you change kits on the TD-10 it will send a kit change message to the TD-8. You can tell the TD-8 to ignore that at SETUP, MIDI (F2), PROG (F2) and toggle RX ON to RX OFF with F1.

    Once you have your "TD-8" kit set up with fully matching note numbers it will work to trigger all kits on the TD-8 as you switch through them there. Later on, there's no real reason to restrict yourself to using only TD-8 or TD-10 sounds in any particular kit; you can easily have some of each (or both!) in any kit.

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