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Groove Killer!! Dead spot on TDW-10 snare

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  • Groove Killer!! Dead spot on TDW-10 snare

    Talk about a groove killer! Sometimes I hit my snare and it makes no sound at all. It seems to happen around a certain spot not dead center and also in the center if I accidentally "pop" a flam (hit both sticks at the same time). I have read threads on "hot spots" - which seems to be when an especially loud sound occurs on some spots, but I haven't found any discussion on a dead spot. . . maybe there's another term for this?

    I am playing live with a band with my vdrums for the first time and this dead spot is an absolute deal killer for me. My new band mates are open to the edrum thing (with one staunch opponent) but I have to get the thing triggering correctly on the snare or it just will not fly.

    Any ideas why this is happening and /or how to correct it?

    Happy new year! And Thanks!!

    (Playing a Td-10 exp with PD12 snare . . .)

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    How old is the PD-120? You may want to remove the head and check the condition of the foam cone underneath.

    Does it happen if you play the snare on its own, or only when you're also playing other pads at the same time?



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      Hey Bruce thanks very much for your reply. I bought the set used so I don't know how old it is. You can see from the picture that it's the red v session kit.

      The dead spots happen when i'm playing the snare alone, not just when played with other toms

      I'll check the foam underneath. What should I be looking for? Just sign of wear?


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        Originally posted by sbslawrence View Post
        I'll check the foam underneath. What should I be looking for? Just sign of wear?
        Yep; if the tip of the cone looks like the photo in the first post of this thread then it's probably past its prime:

        Does this cone need replaced?

        You could also try swapping the snare PD-120 with one of the tom PD-120s for now.



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          Thanks Bruce. I will look at the cone and report back. . .


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            i agree with bart check the cone condition, also maybe a loose wire on the piezo? or a short in the cable. seems like a better chance for the above than a module problem. should be fairly easy to trouble shoot. also try swapping the snare pd120 for one of the tom triggers and or cables.
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