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My tips on how to play LIVE succesfully with Edrums

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  • My tips on how to play LIVE succesfully with Edrums

    If you want to play live with Edrums you have to have your own PA and speakers that are seperate to the FOH system. These speakers are setup either side of your kit and you need at least 500watts of power. I user 800Watts and use either 2 or 4 15" speaker bins depending on the size of the gig. This way the band can hear you as they would an acoustic kit.
    Secondly don't try to use a monitor, I use a small Alto mixer that is about the same size as a TD-6 module that I have mounted on a roland clamp, my module goes throught that first before going to the amp and from the mixer I can plug in a set of open headphones (not the closed type). I can also feed in from the FOH amp a foldback mix so I can hear the vocals, once you get the right mix its absolutely perfect. The open headphones allow you to hear the guitar and bass and through the headphones you hear your drums and the vocals etc. There's nothing worse than not being able to hear yourself play and this can happen with Edrums when you try to use a small stage monitor. Unfortunately the PA etc is going to cost you as much as your Edrums did. And you thought playing with Edrums was going to mean less lugging. Nup!, but I haven't played with one muso yet who wanted me to go back to the acoustic kit. Ha. But where the hell do I get a Vdrum t-shirt.

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    I use two small powered PA speakers. Only 600 watts total, but gets the job done. I put them behind me and then use monitors to hear the vocals. I haven't ever had the need to use headphones in that situation.

    As for t-shirts, I have no idea:


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      Go on , rub it in , how hard is it to get one of those t-shirts. I read that you had to sign up for some demo or another to get one initially, but they just aren't available, to anyone outside the USA, are they??. Wear it with the knowledge that they are extremely hard to get, and good on you for getting more that one.


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        too bad they dont make those shirts in tan... ide rock them here in iraq under my uniform


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          Ever tried IEMs? Helps with the ears and cuts down on stage volume. Best part is you hear everything perfectly clear -- there is nowhere to hide!


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            For playing live, I just have our sound guy feed the drums into our floor wedges in addition to the FOH mains. I have my own wedge and the other members share two wedges in front of them. I mentioned to the other guys recently that I'm thinking of getting my own stage monitoring solution so we can only run vocals through the wedges but they insist that it shouldn't be a priority since they like having the drum mix in the wedges right now.

            Also, using the module's individual outs, I give the sound guy a separate channel for snare, kick, toms, cymbals, and hi-hat.

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              I'm surprised people have such trouble hear V-Drums the way they like. That's one of the things I love about them. I plug 'em in and forget it. Our band has 2 wedges up front. I have a smaller Galaxy Hot Spot back by me that I run the full mix through (I want to hear how my drums sound to the crowd in the mix, not louder in my monitor). If I don't like the way the stage sounds, I put in a set of in-ear monitors instead.


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                I remember the days when my whole kit would fit into two duffle bags! Those days are long gone. I currently send 4 channels to FOH, have my own line mixer that sends to a crown XLS 402 to a Yamaha 115H speaker for the band to hear. I wear IEMs and get a monitor send from the FOH and run my vocals through a TC Helicon VoiceWorks to my line mixer and to FOH. The end result is that I have complete control over the volumes of my kick, snare, toms, cymbals, monitor line and vocals without affecting the FOH. I even have separate control between my IEMs and the monitor speaker.

                At the bigger clubs they'll run the drums back through the stage monitors, if needed. They never complain that they can't hear the drums.

                It is a lot of extra stuff to haul around, but it is worth it to me to have the control over the mix.
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                  I use In-ear and shaker to fell my BD !

                  Just perfect


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                    Originally posted by FRED2112 View Post
                    I use In-ear and shaker to fell my BD !

                    Just perfect
                    gotta agree with you. a pair of shure e-5's and the buttkicker concert series. it's heaven every time i play.
                    :D "I'm not the worst drummer in the world. But if he dies...":(