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is my hi-hat control pedal OK (FD-8 I think)

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  • is my hi-hat control pedal OK (FD-8 I think)

    Hi everyone, this looks a great forum, so I hope I'm not asking an FAQ.

    I bought a second hand TD-3 set today. They sound great and I'm looking forward to learning to play on them. One thing that feels a little strange is the FD-8 hi-hat pedal. It just feels a little spongy. I understand from the manual that there are four positions effectively closed, partially closed, partially open and open. As I push down on the pedal it just feels a little as though there is some cotton wool resisting the movement rather than a smooth linear spring or some such like. I'm guessing that it is designed to replicate a mechanical hi-hat pedal which I'm guessing feels pretty distinct i.e. when closed it is a hard close.

    I went into a shop and tried their pedal and it was inconclusive. I *think* it was a little less woolly, but still not quite what I was expecting.

    I hope someone understands what I'm talking about!

    thanks, Keith

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    My FD-8 "feels" similiar to an acoustic HH pedal. Have you played on any regular HH's before? Have you tried different angles on the FD-8 using the drum key?


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      I have only had a go on an FD8 once, but it certainly didn't feel wooly, just smooth.
      Maybe there are some adjustments taht can be made. Grab the manual from Roland's website and have a look.


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        Thanks for the replies

        I took the back off as I was curious how it worked. It is beautifully simple. The pedal plate attaches to a length of rectangular section soft rubber. The long section of the rubber attaches directly to the base of the pedal. as you lower the pedal, more of the rubber comes into contact with (sort of 'rolls onto') a pressure transducer.

        This explains why there isn't a 'hard' finish to the pedal when fully depressed. It all works fine, and having cleared some of the dust out of the interior it feels a little better anyway!