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Two Miscellaneous Issues

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  • Two Miscellaneous Issues

    I use the TD-10 with latest TDW-1, and I wanted to know a couple of things about it that I have found to be a problem.

    Firstly, concerning the demo. I have heard that Roland sequenced the demo songs (or should that be "song"?) in order to show off the TD-10's dynamic range. But is there anyone anywhere that knows anything about (or has actually done) MIDI renditions of the songs without the drums. (I feel that those four snippets would be kickass to jam along to) Anybody felt the same?

    Lastly, anybody found that the PD-9's (when used as crashes and rides) are a bit hard to choke? I am finding that I have to squeeze the rims a bit hard to get them to choke properly. Is there any way of increasing just the sensitivity of the rim on its own?

    I won't have to worry about the PD-9 problem for very long, should there be nothing that can be done about them, as they will become V-Cymbals soon! Yay!

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    About the pd-9: the sensitivity settings have nothing to do with the fact that you must press the rim firmly to choke the sound. So nothing to do about that.