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Lexicon MPX 100 question (szvook?)

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  • Lexicon MPX 100 question (szvook?)

    I'm interested in getting some outboard effects and have read interesting posts about the Lexicon MPX 100...I did however find a review that mention a short delay that made the unit very difficult to use for drums (timing issues). Lexicon's Emailed response read:
    "Yes there will be at leat a 2 ms delay
    You can make this seamless by having the mix to all wet And setting the bypass for mute

    This has improved the delay effect some what ."

    Any Lexicon users care to comment on this???

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    Some of the lower end models from Lexicon have been know for this factor and they (Lexicon) will gladly except that fact. But if you go with a higher end model form them, the performance gets much better. Not everything is made to work with everything to its best potential.

    Your work-around is a good solution and I have seen some people come across that work-around even away from drums. Just as with Vdrums, some outboard gear needs tweaking to work well with other musical components.

    My MPX-1 is working very well for me so far.



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      I work in a pro audio shop and the most sold effects processor is the TC M-One in our shop. I know customers who own a Lexicon MPX-1 and take a TC M-One as second effects unit. After a few months the Lexicon gets sold and they buy another M-One

      It's about taste very much.... some people like the Lexicon sound more, some like the TC more. I think the TC M-One offers the most bang for the buck.
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