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Once and for all Hotspots

This is a sticky topic.
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    Life for hotspot issue

    I found that real balance of hotspots vs other stuff can down to the following.

    If you want a snare that can measure between loud and loudests, there are no settings eliminate the hot spots. I replaced foam cylenders in my hart drums with roland cones. I bet the other material coans are better, the roland foam looks like it will break down in a year or two. The form changed the snare and toms to becoming much more position sensative that they were with form cylinders that ship with the hart drums. Right now I have the foam pressing about 1/16" into the head, Im thinking I need to get this this down to 1/128" to get better position sensativity and minimize the hotspot problem where it all started.

    For the high hat hot spot on the VH-12 at the front area of the bow, I use a higher sensativity and turn the hh volume down in the mix. this acts like compression for the louder hat hits but diminishes the "real loud" hat hits that just are not as important as a consistant mid range of volumes.


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      I have a new revelation on hotspot!

      In the past, on the top of the mesh tension, the sound patch and the parameter settings, I believed compression and the quality of the speaker/monitor were also important factors causing hotspot. I still think that's the case. But today I discovered another bigger factor:

      the sticks!

      I've been using 5B and 2B sticks on vdrum while I use mainly 5A on acoustic kit. (Mesh is easily to play than real heads. I use heavy sticks on the e-kit to compensate for this.) But today when I used 5A on the vdrum, I noticed I COULD NOT produce hotspot even if I tried to!

      It seems to me it is some interesting physical/electronic property of the cone/piezo/mesh/circuitry combo that can't be compensated by the parameters. What I mean is, one would think heavy sticks with low trigger sensitivity would do the same as light sticks with high sensitivity. But it's not the case. With lighter sticks, even if I pushed up the sensitivity so that I got peak signals at centre of mesh, I still didn't get hotspot clipping. Yes, peak signals, no hotspot. To summarize:

      with heavy sticks, peak signals, bad hotspot
      with light sticks, peak signals, no hotspot

      I have to say it doesn't make sense. One would think it's digital and peak signal is peak signal...
      I definitely have to do more experiments to verify my claim.
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        i think that may be a valid observation. may be that the bigger heavier sticks
        may be too much volocity on the piezo cones physically pushing them to the limits.?? kinda makes sence to me. i also noticed that with the TDW20 the 2.51 os upgrade made the snare more dynamic playing all over the head that may also help with the hot spot issue as the upgraded has an upgraded compressor.
        i havent had the time to try it live thu a pa yet but noticed a diifference at home with headphones. i myself switched from 5B to promark mike portnoy sticks which are a tad smaller than the 747 rock and i really like them
        thanks for sharing..
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          Hi, I've just found this discussion (and these forums!) after experiencing the frustrating hotspot problem, on a second-hand kit that's only a year old. I'm playing drums for a musical theatre show every night so needed to get it sorted quickly - thanks for all your advice!

          I've got a TD-12 and PD-105 snare and had some real problems. As far as I could tell, mine were down to the trigger sensing settings. I spent a couple of hours playing with them and finally found the setting that most eliminated the hotspot.

          Of course, having posted this I've realised that the piece of paper on which I wrote down my settings is with my drum kit. At the theatre. Anyway, I'll remember to bring it home and update this thread tomorrow!


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            I'm sorry, it's been too long.
            I've had good results with a nice high head tension and:
            Scan 0.8
            Retrigger 4
            Mask 4

            The Roland manual suggests starting with a scan of 0 and working your way up until you get a snare response that doesn't feel compromised in volume. I got that around 0.6 but still had a hotspot - 0.8 seems to be the "sweet spot" that minimises hotspotting for me, obviously YMMV!

            Hope this helps.


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              Thanks for sharing, inigopete.

              Btw, be aware scan time affects also positional sensing.
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                I use pro-mark rods with the ends taped together. Especially nice on rubber pads, gives slight flex feeling.


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                  there's a lot of work put into this sticky.. so, thx grog..
                  i'd like to add that it's possible to 'cure' a hotspot with scantime
                  settings, but it seems to sacrifice dynamic range on a pad too,
                  (so for my taste i can only go 'so far')
                  also some snares 'pitch up' in the center with a louder hit,
                  so limiting doesn't help with those (it isn't a volume issue)
                  but there are some good settings in here.. and links..
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                    I found it impossible to get rid of hotspots with out sacrificing a whole bunch of dynamic range. Meaning you can make the whole snare a hotspot by changing Linear Curve to LOUD2 and turn the sensitivity down.

                    But then it's like there's super compression on and every snare accent sounds equal other than really hammering on it, which only adds a slightly louder dynamic.


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                      Could you take some time and list those here?

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                        Originally posted by monospace View Post
                        New cones totally rock! I got this PD-120 off of eBay that I never really liked, and it turned out the cone had pretty much disintegrated. Ordered my replacements from UFO drums, and the thing now plays like killer.

                        UFO's cones are more rubbery and less foamy than Roland's, but they appear like they would hold up a lot better over time. They certainly got rid of the hotspot on the PD-120 and increased the response of the drum tremendously. I'm very happy I did this.

                        I ordered 4 of them, so I also gave my PD-80s a good makeover. It's like playing a new set.

                        Attached are some pictures. Guess which cone is which.
                        I was going to bring up this very point. I repair a LOT of e-drum components and in the mesh head units, these get disassembled for cleaning. At that time I check the cone and if it even has the slightest "softness" I yank that puppy out and put a new one in. At which point the units test 100% perfect like new.


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                          Originally posted by monospace View Post
                          If I wanted to replace a foam trigger to deal with hotspots, where would I go get one? I don't see any online stores that list them, and I'm not in the mood of making one myself.
                          You can order them from Roland.


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                            I'm sure it's been said here before but Quartz Percussion has cones much less expensive than Roland.

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                              +1 for Quartz cones!
                              Actually speaking of which as I'm about to convert my existing 'column' cones from Pintech to the Quartz cones I need some more!
                              What are peoples opinions about modifying these drums before sale as I'm thinking of selling them soon (Concertcast dual zone pads)


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                                I converted my PD120 to Pd125 and no more hot spots all parts available from Roland cost approximately $52
                                NOW with New Improved TD-30 Module, some V drums an other music making thingies with miscellaneous small furry animals, large hairy animals, motorcycle bits and a big muff:rolleyes:.