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Various TD10 problems

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  • Various TD10 problems

    I picked up two TD10 mods right when they first where released. I play the equivalent of 750 to 1000 shows per year. I am currently on my second pair and still continue to have various problems with them. I have now owned four and have tried other mods at stores around the U.S.. I would appreciate feedback from other experienced TD10 users re the following problems that I've seen:
    Drumkits change randomly..
    Click BPM is (apparently) correct 120 default on one and is 220 on the other..
    Click bleeds into Master L/R outputs even when assigned to Headphone output.(I run all Direct outputs for instruments only and use Master L/R outputs for Effects only)..
    Unable to dump ALL TD10 data to disk via midi out(only instrument data xfers), no other setup data. No problem with Alesis D4(which has a larger amount of memory to xfer). Mods will only xfer ALL data to a M512E card(I currently have three)..
    Modules do not consistently recognize that a 512E card is inserted(cards are good)..
    If anyone has had these or any other problems(some of which I may have forgotten to list myself), please respond. I can't believe I'm the only frustrated player out there, thanx.

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    Originally posted by doux99:
    I play the equivalent of 750 to 1000 shows per year.
    3 shows a day? Are you Simon Philips?

    I can't believe I'm the only frustrated player out there


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      Thanx Putt for your reply. In answer to your question: I used the phrase "equivalent to" because I play an average of 3 or more 70-75 minute shows a night; 5 nights a week; 48 weeks a year(the other 4 wks. I take off during Xmas and summer). Kudos to you on your link to "SPRINGVLOED" site-very cool, and helps me hone my foreign language skills,too.
      Chris, thanks for your input and the welcome. I don't go back out till July 9th so I'll have some time to browse the site FAQs,etc. as you suggested. Interesting link on your profile, that's for sure!. Also wanted to tell you to keep up the good work with your humanitarian feline program.
      Thanx again guys,