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Tempo Ref report

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  • Tempo Ref report

    I've had this for just a couple of days and yes the bug beat (now renamed tempo ref) works great on the V snare. It comes with an external trigger that lays flat against the head. Therefore you donít need to place the unit on top of the drum head. The trigger is held in place with a clip. The clip is secured by removing a tuning lug and placing it between the rim and lug. You could almost make the same clip out of a clothes hanger or electrical wire. Anyway, the clip wire bends over the rim and holds down the trigger. Attached to the top of the trigger via sticky compound is a piece of foam. So the trigger is flush against the head, with the foam on top of that. The end of the clip that is not secured by the lug, bends over and pushes down on the foam, firmly securing the trigger against the head without damaging it. The only modification I had to make was due to the rubber rim around the snare. I was a little too tall for the clip to pass over, so I just added a few more lug washers and that took care of it.

    It works great so far, and I just wish I had it sooner. I turned on my TD-10, and with headphones listened to a click at 120. Both the click and Tempo Ref matched as humanly as possible. Since the Tempo Ref was feeding back my playing a back beat, on 2 and 4 the numbers fed back (ideally) were 60. But just relax a bit and the numbers wonít lie. Itís very easy to deviate from that click and have anything between 56 to 64 reported since it measures from beat to beat. This is a far more superior tool than a click or spending $ on the latest stuff. I plan on dedicating a portion of my practice to just keeping that number steady.

    What would be great is to have some way of data logging the information from the device. That way you could chart your progress. One weird thing I found out about my self the past days is that if I just sit down cold and start playing a straight beat just to warm up, it has been instinctively at 120 +/- 3. Never really thought about it before this, kinda scary in a good kind of way. The Tempo Ref should help make that +/- 1.

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    Thanks for the info.

    How does this thing react to ghost notes inbetween the 2 + 4? I rarely play a straight 2+4 on the snare, so I was interested in the accuraccy w/ ghost notes. Thanks!
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      ghost notes

      Yes, it will pick up ghost notes. I often play ghost as well. It works best if you just play 2 and 4. If your tempo is 120, it will report back 60, assuming you are accurate. It is just a great tool for checking if the tempo you starting with is still there. But even more it's a great practice tool to confirm that you can deliver any steady tempo for a length of time.

      For example, you can establish a tempo at 120 and then just close your eyes for any established time, 8 bars, 2 minutes or whatever, then check the beat bug again. If you still are on tempo, great. If not, you need to solidify your playing.


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        Tempo Ref is GREAT

        I just received my TempoRef as well, and this thing is a sleeper! Great device. I've been using a Tama Rhythmwatch, but no more. Once you are off the Tama beat with your band, you'll never get back. Too much hassle. With the TempRef, you know what you are playing, and what you are supposed to be, so you can gradually work your band back to correct. It's great!

        Regarding ghost notes, the unit has a sensitivity control that goes from REALLY sensitive, to absolutely NOT sensitive. You could hit it with a hammer and it wouldn't register. I was able to turn it so that my hard hits registered, but none of the ghosts did. That makes it pretty easy to keep monitoring your playing. Fills still send the thing kittywhompus, but you pretty much have to wait until after you are thru your fill to check your tempo anyway.

        Also, I mounted mine right on the PD120 head, at the top, about 1/4" away from the rim with the enclosed velcro. So far, it works great.

        The temporef has 66 presets, so you can program start beats for all your set(s). Once you start and the unit feels a hit, it switchs out of Metronome mode to Monitor mode and it starts to tell you what you are doing.

        Bad comment: It is not very intuitive. It takes several readings of the instructions, and several times through the preset program/recall drill to get the hang of it, but all said and done, it is pretty simple. Also, no way to manually turn it off. It will auto-off after 5 min, I think. Just feels funny to me to walk away with it on!!


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          Where is the best place/price to get one?
          I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!


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            The only place...

            I know of is the maker, .
            I think when you call, you get the owner/inventor/builder and chief bottle washer!! You will see a picture on the site. Looks a little "home-built", but heck, it is the only thing like it I've seen, and it works!! It is $69 plus $6 shipping, and to me, is worth it. The only bad thing (not so bad really) is that you have to really work to figure out how it thinks, but then it is really easy! He even says on his instructions to read them twice before calling!!!

            Anyway, have fun!