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Program Change Pads

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  • Program Change Pads

    I was looking at diagrams for patch-changing footswitches. Using that split cable--I think it's called the PCS-...(lost it)-- and two BOSS footswitches, one can shift Patches up or down depending on which switch is pressed. Could the same technique be applied to trigger pads by plugging the split cable into a pair of drum pads instead of the footswitches?


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    never tried it but i believe i read that you can.someone verify this.i dont see why you could'nt.
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      I'm still exploring and I want to see how I can tweek this.
      If you have a TD-6 go to drum kit 97: Tabla

      Notice that the high hat pedal controls the pitch of tom 3
      (very cool) It also changes the pitch of all the pads on
      anther kit - I don't remember which one for the music ones)

      Also on kit 97: Tabla the rim of crash 1 toggles a
      song on and off.

      Something similar should work for you.
      One of the reasons I put a low cost Pintech Nimrod Tubular Pad
      on my AUX imput. $30 is cheaper than $90 for a PD-6


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        I made my two of my own triggers. $8 is even cheaper than $30!


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          Originally posted by Harlock
          A : Yes...

          But if you told us what module...
          I didn't think it mattered. Since the PCS-31/FS-2U(I think that's the switch) combo works for all Roland modules (To my knowledge), wouldn't the Pad trick work with all modules too?


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            Originally posted by Harlock
            works on the TD-8...
            But you still won't tell
            Alright! You twisted it out of me!

            ::grin:: I'm running a Roland Trap Set (TD-5) with two extra PD-7's and a -9. Sometimes I add an SPD-6. I also have a TMC-6 and SP-202 sampler I use for different situations.

            C. Jude, thank you. I hope to use this at some point.


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              Pitch changing

              Just a note on an earlier post: you can assign the foot pedal to change pitch onany pad you want. (On a TD-8; I assuem you can also for a TD-10, maybe a TD-6). It's in the manual...