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TD 10 LED missing lines of res

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  • Stixx777
    I have the same problem. When I installed the TDW-1 I lost lines. My problem is hit and miss and goes away after the unit has been on for a while. Humidity seems to be the biggest problem the more humid(I live in NY) the more lines I lose, after I let the unit warm up they reappear.

    Ted H.

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  • doux99
    I had the same problem you're having(as well as others) with one of my modules. Returned to Roland(not very supportive) and they replaced the display. Yes, sorry to say but it will get worse if you don't have it repaired. I can't tell you the cost because at that time I had been fighting with Roland for about a year over various different problems I had/still have with both of my 10s, so they reluctantly replaced one and repaired one free. Aside from inherent design flaws which all the 10s seem to have, when they work they're great-when they don't they can really screw up a show.
    Good luck with yours though.

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  • Pokeyjoe
    Hi Steve,
    I had the same problem, which occured long before I installed the upgrade. I sent the unit back in to the Roland repair center, and received it back in a little over a week. Roland replaced the LCD display. I haven't had any problems since, including installation of the upgrade.

    Good luck!

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  • BtnkBndt
    Hey Steve,

    There was a similar problem earlier on this thread:

    His problem seemed to be in the connection between the expansion board and the module. Just how brave are you?? Brave enough to open the unit and see if there are any plug connections inside? I haven't opened mine so I really couldn't tell you. If there are (maybe one that the display connects to) it could just be dust in the connections that needs to be blown out. Slider, pots, and connectors have always been a problem with dust. Or you could send it for service, a check up wouldn't be a bad idea on a used unit anyway.

    Heres the service center search site:

    Good Luck, and don't loose any fingers this weekend

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  • Steve Gardner
    started a topic TD 10 LED missing lines of res

    TD 10 LED missing lines of res

    Happy Holidays to you all. I bought my TD10 used. It was a smokin deal. It is missing about 3 lines of resolution. Eventually, I would like to get this fixed. Does anyone know what kind of turnaround I can expect?Has anyone else had this problem? I hope it isn't a sign of things to come. Thanks in advance for all of your input!!