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Expanded TD10 Bleed on Direct Outs.

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  • Expanded TD10 Bleed on Direct Outs.

    For the first time in 3 years, I now have a need to utilise direct outs.

    Direct out 1 (L) Kick, (R) Snare
    Direct out 2 (L) Toms (R) Percussion Noises
    Direct out 3 (L) FX Noises (R) FX Noises

    I am getting dreadful bleedover onto direct out 1 from all the others to an extent where the sound is ghosted. All levels within the module are set at "0" (Mid way up).

    There is a minimal amount of ambience, but I though this wasn't a problem post upgrade ?

    Any ideas ?

    I'm meant to be using this setup at a show tonight !!!!

    Many Thanks !!


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    Originally posted by johnclark:
    I'm meant to be using this setup at a show tonight !!!!
    So hurry up guys, for me it's already too late. It's already night here in Holland.


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      and is fast approaching Half past three in the afternoon here !!! JC


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        it may be too late, but turn your ambience off. If I remember correctly, the ambience bleeds thru to the master outputs even if the main sound is routed elsewhere. I'm a relatively new user, but I ran into a similar problem and it turning off the ambience fixed it.
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          Well, I got away with it - had to drop the ambience on the toms and feed to an outboard reverb unit. Spoke to Roland who confirmed that I shouldn't be using ambience at all on direct outs.

          Thanks for all the help so far..