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SPD-20 Issue - Strange MIDI Behavior

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  • SPD-20 Issue - Strange MIDI Behavior

    Hello all, I hope this is the right place to ask an SPD-20 question. I'm a bit sad that I've not found a good place for SPD-20 support so far, so I'm hoping this is it! :-)

    Anyway, here's my problem: I have an SPD-20 hooked up to a Midiman 8x8 USB midi thingie. It's hooked up to port 7. I have lots of other synths and stuff hooked up to the same Midiman 8x8, including a Yamaha MU90R.

    Whenever my SPD-20 is turned on, it keeps sending some kind of midi message over and over eternally, roughly twice per second. I can tell it's happening because I can see the 'MIDI In' LED on the Midiman blinking. Nothing else is controlling the SPD-20 at the time.

    I have no idea what this MIDI message is, but it is interfering with my MU90R! More than once my MU90R has gone silent because it got some kind of message from the SPD-20 causing it to turn its volume down to zero.

    Does anybody have ANY idea what the SPD-20 is transmitting and why?? Is there a way to turn it off??

    I love this beast - it's got the most beautiful perc sounds I've ever heard in a synth. I sure would like to use it at the same time as my MU90R.... ;-)

    Please help!! Thanks in advance!!!!!

    mailto:[email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]

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    I have a Roland PC200mkII midi keyboard, and when connected to my Proteus 2000 module the Proteus'Midi led flashes all the time. The PC200 is sending out 'active sensing'; an electronic way to say; I'M HERE, I'M HERE, HEY ARE YOU GUYS LISTENING???? I'M HERE, I'M ****ING HERE, HEY YOU KNOW WHAT??? I'M HERE, IIIIII AAAAAAAAAMMMM HEREEEE, I'M HERE!!!

    As far as I know lots of Roland products have this, but I think it's strange that your MU90r doesn't like it. Maybe the SPD is sending out some mide volume controllers as well?????

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      Make sure your sending a note off message each time you strike a pad. Perhaps, (in a way, I don't know what I'm talking about because I've have not dealt with such a set up) the midi gate time or decay has something to do with it. Truly I think it is that you need to specify a note off message, I know the spd does not do this automatically.

      Hope this helped.