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TMC-6 adds 6 inputs to Roland modules

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  • TMC-6 adds 6 inputs to Roland modules

    Does anyone have any info on how this works with a TD-6 or TD-8? From what I've read it adds 6 inputs to any Roland drum modules for about $250. Has anyone used one or has any info on this addon? Thanks for any info.

    Al Fiterman

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    Positional Sensing?

    Does it support Positional Sensing?
    Can you assign a different controller to a hihat controller?


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      Isn't it possible to do the same thing with a spd-6 (or 20) w/o having to buy more pads?
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        TD6 vs DM5 etc...

        Hi Harlock,
        Good info here...
        Aside from the dual Piezo input, can you see any advantage that the TD6 has over buying a cheap module ....that has more in's, onboard sounds...etc ?

        Thats the only thing that stops me from getting one. I think it's a bit pricey for only 6 In's and No Sounds.



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          Addition for non-Roland brains?

          Would the TMC-6 be a good edition to add stereo pad inputs to a brain that doesn't normally accept them such as a D4 or DM5? Or adding v-cymbals with choking/dual zone capibilities? I have the cy-15 crash and of course with my DM5 I can't get any choking because it only supports mono piezos.

          I have a bunch of pads using two trigger inputs on my brains now, it would be nice to use the TMC-6 and reduce it to one, and then have all those open inputs... mmm... more stuff....

          Plus I could mount a TMC-6 on my rack and then just have one MIDI cable going from my that to my drum module rackmounts(plus the rest that spill over from the TMC-6).

          It's kinda funny Roland just came out with this thing... I have an old Simmons TMI that does the exact same thing Of course all the options we come to see as normal for edrums (crosstalk settings and the like) wern't implmented back then. You have a knob for velocity and that's it

          And lastly, does it have a MIDI IN or THRU for routing other things through it?


          Gabe Kangas
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            As long as were exploring the possibilities of the TMC, I have a question I'd like to pose.

            I use the TMC to trigger a BOSS sampler(SP-202 Dr. Sample). Due to the settings I have on the sampler, when I trigger one sample, if I trigger a second, it will cut off the first. There are some projects I would like to use the sampler for, however, that require the use of simultaneous samples. Does anyone know of a trigger/module(TMC that is) configuration that would allow me a-- I guess you would call it constant MIDI information setting so it owuld be the equivalent of holding down the pad/button on the sampler itself. I think maybe the parameter I'm looking for here is aftertouch? I'm not sure. I was thinking about using a DP-2 footswitch for this, but if that doesn't work, obviously I'd need an alternative. Thanks.



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              I have the DP-2 footswitch, and that would be pretty much what I'm looking for. Please clarify a few things for me though.

              "Maybe you could try using a FS-5U (or DP-2) with SG1 type.
              The pedal will be gated, meaning 'note on' will be sent when pressed, and 'note off' when released. "

              What is an SG1 type?

              "Don't know if the SP-202 can receive sustain (CC64) messages that could be sent by a footswitch on the TMC-6..."

              What is a CC64 message?


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                I hooked up the footswitch and experimented. I don't know about the sampler recognizing a sustain message, but my gating experiments were successful. I can now trigger my multiple samples, without the cutoff problems. Thanks for the help.


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                  Roland TMC6 vs KAT KITI Pro?

                  Does anyone know how the TMC6 stacks up vs. a KAT MIDI KITI Pro? Alternate Mode sells them at $199:
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                    The MIDI kiti has more inputs and more trigger functions

                    The midiKITI Pro features nine external trigger inputs for pads or triggers. With four notes per trigger, you can layer, crossfade, or even alternate sounds at the touch of a button.

                    The layer functions is quite interesting if u ask me


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                      apples and oranges

                      Harlock, je vois bien que je ne pourrai pas passer au travers :-)

                      Last December I asked about soft samplers and how to hook triggers to them without a sound module:

                      I didn't know about the TMC6 at the time (was it even available then?) and for various reasons I didn't move with my purchase yet, so I'm still investigating and learning (yes, I'm slow!) In another post someone pointed to limitations of the KITI's product (, so I was trying to understand whether the TMC6 faced the same issues (6 triggers seems very small.)

                      What I'd like to do with it is mostly to emulate an acoustic drum setup, with Roland pads (cymbals, a snare, kick drum, and a couple of toms,) so yes I'd need hi-hat control, cymbal choking, dual or 3-way triggering, and positional sensing would be a bonus. I'd rather play snare and rimshot on the same pad and have a hi-hat and cymbal style of playing that lets me occasionally play on acoustic drums.

                      The way I see it, I'd hook this "MIDI hub" to a PC dedicated to the soft sampler (Gigastudio is said not to coexist very well with other software,) and to another PC for sequencing/recording.

                      I'm sorry if I'm comparing apples and oranges, and I'm still not aware of all the technical nuances to fully understand specs.
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                        Thanks Harlock, it's now clear to me there's no "midi only+soft sampler" solution that would give me all the triggering I need. It's difficult to save the expense for a brain, even if I don't plan to use its sound module.
                        TD8, PD125, PD80R, PD9, 3 PD7s, KD8 + Tama Iron Cobra, KD7 + DW7000, CY-12H, CY-12R, MDS-8C, ESP1010, Reaper+SD2+8GB i7


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                          Should work for a small training set then

                          So with the stereo 'y' cable trick, you could build a small training kit, but you're still two toms short of a traditional setup, and the feeling would be far from accoustic drums (no positional sensing.)

                          This link about stereo pads for reference:

                          And Roland's page for the record:
                          TD8, PD125, PD80R, PD9, 3 PD7s, KD8 + Tama Iron Cobra, KD7 + DW7000, CY-12H, CY-12R, MDS-8C, ESP1010, Reaper+SD2+8GB i7


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                            Jonathan Karow is the guy who wrote the article about pads and triggers that I posted (and that Chris brought clarification to.)
                            TD8, PD125, PD80R, PD9, 3 PD7s, KD8 + Tama Iron Cobra, KD7 + DW7000, CY-12H, CY-12R, MDS-8C, ESP1010, Reaper+SD2+8GB i7


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                              Hi all,
                              Just a note\reminder about the TD5 from this post

                              Sorry to say, I tried changing TD10 settings too. It's been a while but if I remember, we tried to re-assign the TD10's note numbers to something other than default so the TD5 could trigger the default note numbers as new sounds, but the TD10's note numbers couldn't be changed for the trigger inputs. Roland said they were basically hardwired.

                              Let me know if you find otherwise...

                              Originally posted by Harlock
                              Also depends on what pads you want to use.

                              For instance, you could buy a TD-5 for pretty cheap, knowing that mesh headed pads won't work very well with it.

                              If I remember correctly, my kiti had 9 INs with some HH/footswitch possibility & I could layer 4 sounds per 'MONO' input.
                              No FSR double triggers & no choking with this interface.

                              so 9 INs...
                              1 HH pedal
                              2 INs for SD & Rim
                              2 INs for Ride & Bell
                              1 Kick
                              1 Crash
                              1 Tom
                              1 HH pad

                              Don't think there is a specific HH pedal IN?
                              Can't remember... Never used that feature anyways!