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Recording from TD-10 to a Sequencer

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  • Recording from TD-10 to a Sequencer

    Hello. This is my first post to this group, and I thank you for having me. My brother bought a TD-10 kit that includes the Roland drum and "cymbal" pads. We would like to record his playing on the TD-10 into my computer based sequencer. I am able to use the sequencer to playback Midi drum tracks using the TD-10. However, nothing we play on the TD-10 pads is recorded to the sequencer. More troubling, my Midi interface (Opcode 64X) does not register incoming Midi signals from the TD-10.
    Here are the steps I've taken to try and correct this problem.
    1) Connect Midi In and Out of TD-10 to Midi Out and In (respectively) of Opcode Midi interface
    2) Select Midi channel for drum part
    3) Turn off Local Control

    When I then strike a drum pad, the Midi interface does not register the reception of incoming Midi data.

    Any suggestions? Thanks jmp

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    What computer are you using? If it's a Mac and you're using the OMS drivers you may have to run OMS Studio Setup again to see if your system thoroughly recognizes the TD-10. I had the same problem initially, and running Studio Setup again remedied my troubles Don't know about the PC, maybe someone else can help with that.

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      Or maybe it could even be simpler than what mcconaghy said. Maybe you just need to check the MIDI cable. Maybe that's causing you problems 'cos it's naff or something...
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