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Need a little help from my friends

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  • Need a little help from my friends

    I have a TD-10 exp w/cymbal contol and this is what I want to do if it is possible. Before I start I have searched around but have not had much luck finding what I want exactly, plus I have a slow modem so it is taking a long time so I decided just to ask. I want to run a PD-100/120 and a Visu-Lite China off the same input. I bought the stereo to 2 mono adapter(got that from my search) but still cannot get it to work right. I even set the pad setting to a PD-7 or 9 and cannot get it to work. I would appriciate a little help. I have decided to down size my kit, by getting rid of the SPD-11 and some PD-7 pads but would like to keep the 4 tom set up along with the China. The Ride is taking the 2 inputs. 13 triggers only 12 inputs. Thanks.
    Ted H.

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    long time for a reply--First of all you need a "Y" adapter with two mono-to a stereo in to the module. then you need to have like a pd-120 and a pd-7 combo-or something similar to this, the visual lites, no luck im sure-This kind of process needs two FSR/piezo pads!! this way you will have a kind of mono acess also--the pd-7 will deliver a rim sound and a tom sound, then the pd-120 will be its own sound, the visual lites, im pretty sure wont give you this option. get the TMC-6 if your running a TD-10 module-


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      Thanks for the reply. I am not having any luck getting the china to y off of anything. I think I will just go to a 3 tom set up for now. If I really want the 4 tom set up I can always use one input for the ride instead of 2. A TMC-6 maybe an answer down the road but I am trying to down size now. This way I have a backup mesh pad and some backup PD-7 pads which is never a bad thing.
      Ted H.


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        thank you feefer, The y cable thing is all you, after I posted it I thought it didnt sound right, It was the other way around, sorry dogg!!!