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canceled out sound when 2 pads struck simotaneously

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  • canceled out sound when 2 pads struck simotaneously

    Hi there,
    I'm a brand new member (about 10 min) and I'll be greatful for any info that anyone can give me about this question.
    "I'v got a TD-8 and when I hit my snare trig (which is a PD-9 pad) in conjunction with any other pad, (weather it be kick, cym, or just some sound effect) the snare trig will over ride and be the only heard sound. Now keep in mind that this happens when the pads are struck at the very same instant and (to the best of my knowlage) only when the snare is one of the pads being hit. Example: this problem will happen when the "snr and kick", "snr and cym", or "snr and cowbell" triggers are hit at the same time but not when "kick and tom", "kick and cym", "tom and tom", "cowbell and kick", you get the point . It's only when the snr is one of the two, and it's always the snr that overrides the other voice. *one more thing I should say is that I belive that the canceling usually happens when the snare is struck with high volosity

    Now, I've had the TD-8 for about 2 years, but just started using the snare trig input. I've also poured over the manuel and can't find anything that might help (but that doesn't mean that the solution isn't totally obvious and I just don't see it) so I appriciate any and all feedback. *I should also say that the TD-8 has "64 voice polyphony", that doesn't seen to be the problem. I mean this "canceling out thing" can be instigated even if I just hit the snr and another pad exclusively, (without any other triggers being activated and using up polyphony)

    Thanks for your help. I think there must be somthing that I am overlooking because I know that this is pro-gear and the problem that I'm having is not holding up in a pro situation.

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    Never experienced this on mine! Compare your snare "advanced" settings to a tom or cymbal pad. See if there are any obvious setting differences. It could be retrig cancel or crosstalk. You might even have to reset the module, if you wouldn't loose too many custom kits you have saved.
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      Gotta lower those crosstalk settings, bro! When you're whacking that snare pad, the brain thinks that the simultaneous hit on the other pad(s) is just accidental crosstalk, and is rejecting them.

      You'll have to play around with your crosstalk, mask time, retrig cancel, and threshold settings to find the sweet spot where all of your pads react as you'd like them to without affecting the others.

      Your manual for the TD-8 should explain how these features work, and how to change them. This should get you on your way...


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        I wanna thank you for your reply, you were right on. As I looked in to the problem I found that all the other pads, except for the snare, had their "crosstalk" set to the hightest setting which did exactly what you said, it had the snare just take over the signal. I actually figured it out about 12 hours after I posted the question, but I totally appreciate your repying to the question.



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          Not a problem, man. That's what we're all here for!

          Glad everything is working the way you need it to.

          Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.