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    You know when your reading a post and the person specifies some peice of equipment they are using and use the model number, e.g. CY12H? Would it not be sweet if the forum software could pick up on these keywords and either let us hover over them with the mouse and get a bitmap image of it or perhaps just provide a link to a bitmap image? You could even have a bit of text associate with it.

    I get lost in post when they say things like... "I tried a CY12H but I really like the feel of the XYZPDQ..."

    Just a thought...
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    Ya, that would be cool. Somehow the forum software would have to parse the text and look for those keywords, then associate them with the image or info. It would probably be CPU intensive though.


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      Interesting idea, but it would be difficult to implement cleanly because human input is just not consistent enough. Think of all the possible ways people could (and do) make reference to the CY-12H product:

      CY-12 hat
      CY12 hat
      Roland hi-hat
      Roland hihat
      Roland hat
      And so on...

      To really make this work you would have to account for all (or most) of these different cases. As vicskim noted, this would cause a significant performance hit. A simpler solution, obvious but effective, would be to construct a seperate page called "Product Descriptions" or something like that.

      Moreover, I believe this forum (like most others) uses "generic" forum software. If this is the case, they probably don't know the code well enough to modify it in such a way, and probably don't want to invest the effort to figure it out.
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        I agree it's a good idea, and really a string parser is not something really hard to implement but it would force the guys at to keep up with every product available out there.

        A simple solution may be taking advantage of the internet. You can go to google. com, which is a powerful seach engine for the internet and install their toolbar. This will give you a small toolbar at the top of your web browser where you can enter text to do a search.
        When you find a term that you are not familiar with, just highlight it and copy it (either using right mouse click or Ctrl+C). Now, paste the text in the search field of your google bar and voila!! links to manufactures pages, user pages, product pages and everything the web can offer.

        Hope this helps...



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          You could do it, but for performance reasons I think the parsing would have to take place upon post submission, which leaves the post text marked up with HTML for the rest of its existence. I could be wrong...
          Roland TD-20 v1.08, various v-drums and v-cymbals, Yamaha KP65's, Axis pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Mackie 1202/SRM450 (pre-china)


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            I stumbled accross a site that has a familar look to this site tonight. Could be they both are just using templates but lots of simular icons and layouts.


            even uses the same new message icons. Only difference is the color scheme.

            just thought you might be interested.



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              Originally posted by Ranman
              Using Perl (which is probably the driving programming language for this forum) it is quite easy indeed to create such a parser.

              1) take a word from the text
              2) convert it to all upper case
              3) remove punctuation (-'s, etc.)
              4) look the word up in a table to see if there is an entry.
              5) if found, convert the word to a hypertext link

              And it would be quite fast as well. I do it quite often in my own web work.

              Oops, there I go being a nerd again
              I am a nerd too (software geek). This is a job for perl or even JSP. I think it would be fairly simple to do. The admin (or even users) could go to a "submit image page" , and enter in "common" names/abbreviations for the image. From that point on, all text matching what was entered would show up as a link (or better yet a "hover" image would appear when you rest you mouse on the link). This is all kinda like the "Smilies" we use .

              This is easy for the user and easy for the forum software writer. Man, I should have applied for patent!! I am going to try to find out the company who wrote this forum software and make the suggestion. I think it would be great.
              My Hart Dynamics GigaPro (vintage 1999)