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Can we swap individual patterns?

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  • Can we swap individual patterns?

    Hey! Dzanybody know if it's possible to swap patterns the same way we can drumkits on the TD10?
    I see in VKitTrans that only all 50 patterns can be dumped, but there was mention of Roland addressing that.
    Maybe some progress has been made?

    Looking at the MIDI chart, I doubt it though.

    But it might be possible to write something that could edit the 50-pattern dump file and then re-upload the whole thing with different patterns...maybe..yeah..

    - the Vdrumber

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    Use an outboard sequencer that will create standard .mid files.


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      Thanks, Lee!

      Would that provide a way that we could all share our patterns with each other if we wanted to? Can a .mid file just contain a single pattern?


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        >> Would that provide a way...

        >> Can a .mid file just contain a single pattern?

        A .mid file is much more versatile than the TD-10 pattern, and yes, a .mid file can contain just a single pattern.

        Before Brian & Eric started this site, there was a bunch of shared knowledge on Jeff Kiel's VDrum list about vast stores of pre-programmed .mid's that the vdrummers used for practice/play along.

        I'd be surprised if there ain't a raftload on this site doin' something similar.