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An idea for "closing the Hi Hat"

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  • An idea for "closing the Hi Hat"

    To solve this, why not just short the Hi Hats stereo plug to itself (ie make a switch that creates a short between the pointed end of the plug to the ground of the plug. I tried it , it works. You could probably use a Potentiometer and tap into the Hi Hat cable. Then adjust it to control the amount that the Hat is open. Mount it safely on your Hihat for easy adjust. You could even put a big ass switch in parallel with the potentiometer for "quick switching". Sounds good to me. Let me know what you think.


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    I just did some measurements. The hi hat cable measures 20K Ohms when open. As I close the pedal, resistance falls...at about 9K Ohms the sound starts changing to a closed hat. Then it shorts out when closed.

    Correct me if I'm wrong:
    Mount a switch on your Hi that switches between:

    1. An adjustable 20 Meg pot to the ground wire in the hi hat cable.

    2. Or the normal pedal circuit.

    So in other words the TD10 either see's the normal Hi hat circuit or the adjusted 20Meg pot.

    ...$2.00 and some wire cutters.

    Let me know what you think


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      Originally posted by Harlock:
      Many people have done the trick by doing this before.
      One of whom you may check out here :

      BEATNIKS' Variable Switch for Hi-Hats on the TD-10
      I should've known someone already thought of it. I think I would put a "quick close" switch in there though.



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        I made a switch that just changes the Hihat either open or closed, where you just step on the button. There's no halfway-open position.

        I wrote instructions on how to make it (it's very similar to the above link and very easy) and I can send you that PDF if you like.

        I sent one to Lee a while ago....Lee?
        Still working?



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          Yep. I thought about sending it on to that guy in Japan (since I upgraded to the TDW-1 and no longer use it), but he seems happy with a zero-dynamic tap pattern assigned to the hat.


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            nah, I had a page up with a link to a PDF file, but I'm reworking all my web stuff, since my band thing fell apart.

            You're correct though, it was online for a while.



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              Why dont you just use one of the electric hats? you can edit them so that they sound closed. DUh electric, they are ALL electric sounds...

              I mean, the TR808/909 type sounds. Use the ride as a second closed hat, while the main HH pad remains regular.


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                Erm... since this topic is about hi-hats, then maybe you guys could answer a small question for a newbie to this board? Please?

                OK, here goes...

                I'm getting V-Drums Concert set (the purple one, I think) and having used them before, I know how they rock! Anyway, a small question... is there any way to change the sensitivity of the hi-hat pedal so that I do not have to press it down so much to close the hi-hat?

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                  Originally posted by Electrode:
                  is there any way to change the sensitivity of the hi-hat pedal so that I do not have to press it down so much to close the hi-hat?

                  You can adjust the spring. I wouldn't say the amount of open and close is very much. I give mine the maximum open adjustment.
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