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PD-120 Clamp Broke

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  • PD-120 Clamp Broke

    Okay, I have a gig tomorrow night. I'm hearing a rattle sound in my kick drum during rehearsal so I check it out. I find that the PLASTIC clamp that is mounted to the inside of the drum and clamps around the stand is broke. ARGH!!!!

    I immediately called Roland and talk to parts. Turns out the part is back ordered for 3 weeks. Does anyone have a suggestion that will get me by until I can get a new clamp? Or do you know some other source that would have the part? When I do order, I will definately be ordering more than 1.

    I've done my search here but haven't found any previous posts on this. Has anyone had problems with the clamp? I really tried not to tighten these to tight for the very reason that they are plastic.

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    Re: PD-120 Clamp Broke

    Go get a gibralter clamp at your local music store.


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      Yes Harlock, my bad, it's a KD-120 not the PD-120. BRAIN FART!

      Anyhow, getting ready to leave for my gig tonght and I think the one clamp will hold it, I hope. I may wrap black electrical tape around it to help. Ticks me off that there is a three week back order from Roland. I can understand from a supplier like Musicians Friend, but Roland? Should not happen.

      Oh well!
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