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TD6V midi help

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  • TD6V midi help

    Okay, so I get a little arrogant sometimes, but I still need help with some stuff 'cause I'm an old dummie. I purchased a TMC-6 to add single zone (Pintech) triggers to my kit. I intend on using these for cowbell, windchimes etc. When I look at all the midi stuff in both manuals, I just get more confused. I have been able to get sounds and I see how to make parameter adjustments, but I am having problems with the correct way to hook it up to the (I don't mean the cord) TD6V. Is there a sequence of events that will get it on the correct midi channel and so forth? Midi is just one thing that I have not learned. I always had the other guys do it for me. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The percussion kit ison channel 10. Set Trigger 1's MIDI CHANNEL to 10 and all the rest to LnK.

    Now go to page 124 of the manual where it lists the percussion set and the notes they are ampped to. If we want Trigger 1 to be cowbell, we see it is Note 56. Go to MIDI Note No. and change that to 56. Simple!


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      thanks Michel, that actually helps. Can I access the different sounds on the TD6V or am I limited by the TMC-6? And do I need to set the midi channel for each TMC-6 input?


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        The other thing is that the cross stick and cow bell seem to be at about 1/4 the voume of the TD6v level for the same instuments.


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          BIG CORRECTION: The percussion sounds are on channel 11.

          The TMC-6 is all kinds of crazy flexible. I am not familiar enough with the TD-6 to be the best resource, but I will attempt to answer you questions.

          The TMC-6 can has a separate note and CHANNEL for each trigger. Or they can all be linked to the channel Trigger 1 is on. If you are just using the percussion sets, leave them all set to LnK and set Trigger 1 to Channel 11.

          If you wanted to trigger, say Aux1, you could set a Trigger to Channel 10 and the not to whatever note Aux 1 is set to. You will get the same sound as if you plugged a pad into the back of the TD-6V. You can't get any more sounds on channel 10 than you have jacks. So it would probably be better to just plug them into the module.

          The volume of the percussion set can be increased. I just don't know how to do it on the TD-6V.


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            Okay thanks, the more I play around the more it makes sense. I did not realized that you can change the settings on the TD6V after you trigger the tmc-6 input. Me thinks I can muddle through from here. It helps to put my glasses on too. LOL