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  • cables


    Got my ddrum triggers today, and I would greatly appreciate if someone would direct me to a place where I could buy matching cables: ddrum sends XLR, and I'm looking to recieve to an Alesis TriggerIO which recieves standard (1/4?) jacks.
    I think I'll be needing a stereo cable for my snare trigger - correct? and mono for the rest?


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    Single-zone pads can use tip-ring ("TR", or "Mono" as you say) connectors. Dual-zone needs tip-ring-sleeve ("TRS", or "Stereo"). If I understand you correctly, you will need at least one that has XLR (male?), at one end and TRS (1/4" is probably right) at the other.

    Maybe Ddrum could get you set up with this cable. You may have to make one of your own. Just go to Radio Shack and get a 6 or 12-foot cable with TRS (stereo) at both ends, and the appropriate XLR plug, cut off one end, and make your own. You will need to do a little soldering.

    The mono cables are generally available at Radio Shack as well.


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      Or buy them for around $6 each: XLR M / 1/4 inch Stereo Plug cable - 6ft (Balanced)