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Another TD8 update failure!

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  • Another TD8 update failure!

    Sorry for the repeating threads guys, but I've searched all the previous threads and still have no idea..

    Tried to update my TD8, (after saving all my kits and settings on the computer, thank god..) and I entered the setup mode on the module, where u press the weird button combinations, and the play button lit up, yet no display on the screen..

    Here's where I'm lost.. how the hell do I get the update files from the computer to the module??

    I've linked the module up with a usb/midi connector, with the out lead to in on TD8, and the in lead to out socket on TD8..

    Also! The roland update files only has 19 files! it goes from 1-18.. then skips to the 32nd file!

    I'm so sad Any help would be awesome guys!

    Thanks a lot! Jay.

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    I'm also running Windows Vista.. does this mean the roland SMF player won't be supported? It came up and it was a very simple program.. just had these options:

    - MIDI out device (you choose USB midi cable, dont you?)
    -SMF Path (you choose the folder containing the update files?)
    -Scan SMF
    -Send, and Exit..



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      I think it should be fine if you send those files. 1-18 +32 is normal. Most who have got stuck find it works out OK if they start over from the beginning. Just follow each step carefully.



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        ...by the way; you don't need to repeat anything as indicated in the readme.txt which talks about having disks for the update. After specifying the path to the folder containing those 19 files, one send from the Roland SMF Player should send all of them sequentially and complete the procedure. Just be patient as it's not a quick process.



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          Thanks a lot Bart, got it goin.. just like everyone else has in the past haha.. just closed everythin, reconnected the leads and tried again

          Now to the VEX Master 50 kits! haha