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td 20 triggers with nothing plugged in

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  • td 20 triggers with nothing plugged in

    has anyone had problems with there td 20 triggering without any thing plugged in... i called roland ... they have had no reported problems like this.. roland support said to send it in to them... anyone have any ideas

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    Sounds bad. kill the gremlins. send it in!

    wacky electronics activating w/ no connection is weird, creepy and downright disturbing. I like my electrons well behaved, personally.

    Non-related sorta funny story: I was sitting in a hotel room one night working on some project on my laptop. My TV fires up, and navigates to the pay-per-view movies, picks a porn flick, and starts playing. It was pretty amazing. I am guessing a neighboring room's remote was getting through the walls. Needless to say, I called to make sure I wasn't billed. Still was disturbing..

    Back to you, how new is it? If it's new, esp still under warranty, send it in. Maybe see if you can take it to a local authorized shop..
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