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What to test for [TD-8 kit]

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  • What to test for [TD-8 kit]

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    Usually if these things work at all, they work right. First, check for undue noise, crackling, etc. Test each pad (know which ones are dual zone) for proper operation. Download and study the manual so you will know your way around it. Test for proper MIDI output and input (You may need to bring along a laptop with MIDI interface adapter, which you will need anyway for loading VEX kits). Test MIX IN function, headphones, main outs - every input and every output. Give it time to warm up quite a bit and mind the display contrast to see if it fades to black as it gets warm. You might even want to make some kind of arrangement that would allow you to take the unit to a Roland-licensed shop (if there's one in your area) that would look it over for you.


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      Also check that the snare rim and cymbal edges trigger different sounds and that cymbals choke properly.