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Millenium MPS-400 stereo cymbal pad

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  • Millenium MPS-400 stereo cymbal pad


    Just picked up a Millenium MPS-400 stereo cymbal pad and plugged it into my TD-12.

    It works fine, however, the rubber pad area of the cymbal produces virtually no sound when struck. The hard plastic area plays at normal volume when struck - surely this is back to front?!

    The plastic area feels pretty brittle and I'm not sure it will stand up to a few full forces smacks, plus you need the rubber area pointing down to allow you to grab it for the cymbal choke...

    Anyone any ideas?

  • #2
    Set the Trigger Type to CY8 and increase Sensitivity if necessary. (Perhaps also reduce Threshold.)



    • #3
      Thanks - that seems to have cleared by the rubber triggering problem.

      I have noticed that the pad doesn't always trigger when there are a lot of consecutive triggers going off, even just hitting the snare and cymbal simuntaniously to test it often fails to trigger.

      Not sure if this the pad or the settings. I've updated the sensitivity to 30 odd, still at least it's playable now.


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        Reduce the settting for XTALK CANCEL on that input at TRIGGER, BANK (F1), XTALK (F4), XTALK (F1) as the module is trying too hard to reject what it thinks is just vibrations caused by hitting another pad. But then make sure that the cymbal won't trigger when you just hit some other nearby pad hard.